10 Ways to Increase Oxygen in Your Life (Raw foods and more)

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10 Ways to Increase Oxygen in Your Life (Raw foods and more)

Everyone knows that we need oxygen – we can’t go mere moments without breathing it – but what does oxygen have to do with raw foods? A lot, I say!

We also get oxygen in various ways in our lives (but many of us are falling short). 


With the increase in fossil fuel burning and rising levels of smog in busy cities, the average level of oxygen in our air is decreasing. This means we have to try a little harder to increase it in our bodies for optimal health. Especially on days when there are smog warnings, the oxygen level in our city has been compromised, which makes it harder for everyone to function.


We can increase the amount of oxygen – not only in our lungs – but in our bodies and our cells by eating live, raw living foods rich in oxygen (and some other ways including plants you don’t eat – below).


Chlorophyll (found in all green foods like dark leafy greens) in fact, is so rich in oxygen that it can be substituted for blood in the need of a blood transfusion. It is a rich oxygenator and releases carbon dioxide from our blood, which is why it is such a powerful detoxifier. It quickly gets rid of impurities in our blood and is referred to as a “blood builder”, since it is also so high in iron. 


Here are ten ways to ensure you are getting a steady supply of oxygen to improve your life:


1. Start consuming fresh, raw green juices and lots of water (reverse osmosis if possible). See a great green juice recipe here. All the vitamins and minerals in fresh green juice are instantly absorbed into our systems with minimal digestive work. Try alternating green juice days and green smoothie days. Just wait to see the increased vitality in your life.


2. Next, make sure to eat more fresh, raw foods, especially dark leafy greens (attend this comprehensive workshop if you need inspiration to get started). Also, try to eat as locally as possible (organic of course) since the oxygen content in local foods is higher (as well as the nutrient level).


3. Consider adding a supplement like wheatgrass or E3Live to your diet (results are amazing!). Learn about my wheatgrass class here.


4. Establish an exercise or walking routine, if possible, in an area with many trees (hiking is ideal! Don’t forget to pack a raw lunch).


5. Begin a meditation practice or prayer practice that emphasizes deep breathing. Start with 5 or 10 minutes a day and then increase to your desired level (early morning or evening works well for many people).


6. Open your windows. If you live in a really traffic-dense area with lots of smog and fumes, close your windows and opt instead for an air filtration system and lots of plants (see below).


7. Refrain from using incense and opt for all-natural beeswax candles (the chemicals in the other products are proven to be carcinogenic and are not health or oxygen promoting).


8. Invest in some wonderful plants (recommended are 2 plants per 100 square feet in your home). Plants are an amazing way to increase the oxygen content in your home, as well as look beautiful too. You can place a layer of aquarium gravel over the soil will prevent mold spores from forming. Plants eat up carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. The best plants for increasing oxygen are: Chinese Evergreen, Gerbera Daisy, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Bamboo, Palm, Banana, Spider Plant, Mum, Heart-Leaf Philodendron, Warnecke Snake Plant, Ficus (Weeping Fig), Devil’s Ivy, Corn Plant, Peace, Lily Madagascar Dragon Tree, Umbrella Plant and Arrowhead Plant.


9. Place a tray of wheatgrass in your bedroom at the head of the bed (ensure there is no mold). This will also help to improve your sleep.


10. Make sure to replace the filters regularly on your home furnaces (you can opt for more expensive air-cleaning filters), as well as invest in a vacuum with a HEPA air filter.


Do you have any more suggestions to increase the oxygen in your life? Do you feel better after including more oxygen in your life? I’d LOVE to hear your comments below.


Here’s to a wonderful summer with lots of oxygen!


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  1. Fabulous, what a weblog it is! This blog givеѕ useful facts to
    us, keep it up.

    • Thanks so much for reading!

  2. liked your message….am in final stage of copd….need as much oxygen
    as possitle..will get some indoor plants, as soon as possible.

    • Oh, sorry to hear – hope it HELPS! Keep us posted, Sally…


    • Sally, you should also look into “grounding.” Do a search in Google on grounding and Dr. Sinatra. Also his metabolic cardiology protocol should help COPD, because it will (along with grounding) lower inflammation in the body.


      • Thanks George.

  3. OH My raw I appreciate your article Thank you Thank you! May you live 10001 and one years

  4. thank you for this article. I will be sure to buy those plants now and stop using so much candles. =]

  5. i always get gas when i eat green vegetables. why is that?

    • It is your body adjusting to the fibre :-) The more you eat it and your body becomes accustomed to it, the less gas you’ll have.

  6. Food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It’s water with an extra molecule of oxygen.

    I use the 35% food grade. I put a couple drops per 8 oz of water. Super easy way to flood the body of oxygen…and soooooo cheap to.

    • Thank you, I had forgotten this, have some in my freezer, much appreciated!!

    • Hi Jason,

      Could you let me know where I can get this hydrogen peroxide that you mentioned and does it have any side effect at all? Thanks!

  7. Suppose if you have dog at your home. What is the way to improve your air.

  8. Great stuff. Soon enough the population should find that cancer cells survive in a non oxygen environment and it is this oxygen rich environment that destroys cancer cells. Oxygen is the key to health life and any way to improve our oxygen intake is something everyone needs to do.
    Thanks for all the info.

  9. Do you think Alkaline Water Systems or soft Hyperbaric Chambers help increase oxygen? Any make or models? thx

    • I have reservations about these water systems. Sure if they purify harmful chemicals out of water – great – but as for the alkalinity argument I have my doubts.

  10. I read that bathing in the kind of hydrogen peroxide you can consume helps you absorb oxygen. Do you know if there is any truth in this.

  11. An enlightening write-up, much appreciated. Would love to try most of the tips given, especially the consumption of raw green veggies and all but as an individual suffering from heart failure, am told to avoid green vegetables(am placed on blood thinners). Is there an alternative means of getting oxygenated blood? Would really appreciate tips,thank you.

  12. Will eating these oxygen rich foods help heal and recover from a surgery quicker? I heard that getting more oxygen in your blood helps injuries heal faster. Thanks

    • I’m not sure on this one…the research on oxygen is a bit uncertain. (I.e. inhaling lots of oxygen in those oxygen booths is not always better).

  13. I have chronic asthma and i have been told today i have to get my oxygen levels up in my blood as he has given me all the medication i can have and its now up to me to lose weight and in increase oxygen…. so here i am looking up the internet and i have found your article most interesting especially about wheatgrass which i am about to buy again and stick to the shots recommended by Dr Wheatgrass on fb. (Dr Reynolds) I will also go back on taking Lemon Juice every morning in water …can you use the bottle Lemon juice you get in supermarkets as lemons are not always available. I will let you know in a few weeks how i feel and how my oxygen levels are going.

    • Great Noelene, Let us know how you’re doing!

    • If you have asthma.. remove the dairy.. cheese, eggs, etc. My friend did this and is total vegan, she no longer has asthma attacks and she was bad hospitalized often.

  14. I recently beat cancer. As Dr. Johamma Budwig discovered,The Budwig Diet) 6 tablespoons of flax oil mixed w/2/3 cub of cottage cheese releases HUGE amounts of oxygen into the body and kills cancer cell by the billins. There is also another product called “Cell Food” discovered by a colleague of Einstein, who called him a genius, releases ‘nascent” oxygen into the body. I also used an oxygen concentration machine and give mysellf 3 liters/minute at night.

    Good luck to any cancer patient you know, Bob

    • I am now 2 years stage 4 tongue cancer free (non smoker and not v….silver fillings were over 30 years old) using the Budwig protocol (after surgery, chemo and radiation). So far so good. But what is this cell food? What stage cancer did you have? I want to do the best possible for no recurrence!

  15. Good health to all

    • long life in raw,,raw,,vegetables,,,, in my homegarden I have so many vegetables like tomatoes okra eggplant bellpepper malunggay alugbati and sitaw….i really loved eating vegetables that’s why my asthma away…..oh my gulay….i loved my life being healthy…would really appreciated tips..Thank You

  16. Foods such as water melons release nitric oxide,which helps in augmenting the amount of oxygen in the body

  17. I have an under active thyroid. I have watched a specialist talk on the internet about how the body doesn’t make enough T3 and T4 which can cause many issues like being tired, not sleeping well, anxiety, low oxygen in the blood and mant others. Will these things help you have talked about help me.

  18. I’ve got a constant headache and stomach problems for 40 years, I’m 54 years old and I’m pretty much at my last leg. My wife left me about a year ago, strictly because she was fed up with my being sick. I used to be a great athlete through high school and college never knew what pain was like now I live with pain constantly, I have a 24 hour headache on the very top of my head it feels like you can put a pin in my head in a bubble burst. My stomach the indigestion is just terrible continuously I have stomach cramps,

  19. It is another way to get oxigen please let me know my bother has canser and I read same article and y says to increase oxigent to him I appreciated if you recommend me another way please I will appreciated thanks Janet .

  20. Please I’ll I appreciated if you tell me another way to get oxigen my brother has canser in the bones and I read same article to increase the amount of oxigen besides the vegetables it is another way to get it . Thanks Janet.

  21. Had indigestion very bad for long time, so bad had looked into cutting 1/2 stomach out, but did not do that Thankfully. Did start swallowing one teaspoon of vinegar every morning after a few weeks almost no indigestion at all, a little more time went by and all pain gone no indigestion at all,

  22. Very helpful, especially on the wheatgrass

  23. That’s great people will now live a healthy life.

  24. Awesome wanna try this today itself….

  25. Stomach problems are usually a sign of too much acid in the body, although there is need for a proper examination by a doctor. Alkaline water will neutralize some of the acids. Fresh wheat grass juice is an excellent way to alkalize the blood, whilst adding much needed nutrients to the body. The benefits of fresh green vegetables is extremely important in any plan to get better from an illness or to just maintain good or even excellent health. As we age, knocks from life such as accidents, sports collisions, work related injury can need a visit to the Chiropractor as electro therapy and the like can rebuild nerves and muscles. Pain from the nerves being weak can feel like fire and I know this from personnel experience. I could not walk properly and was limping. After eight sessions I felt so good that I could walk properly and even do a jog. Good health also must include cleansing and a Doctor of Natural Medicine can perform miracles with common everyday food items. Small changes for gradual improvement in HEALTH.

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