Equipment you need to start raw foods

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Equipment you need to start raw foods

To start eating more raw foods, many people ask – what equipment do I need? 

You can really start with what you have….when you get to the point where you want to eat more raw foods or expand your repertoire, than read this post!

Here are your must have items in your raw food kitchen:


FIRST: The Difference Between Blenders, Processors and Juicers

A juicer extracts the fibre from fruits and vegetables and is exceptionally good for creating enzyme-rich beverages that can give an instant energy boost.

A blender, on the other hand, retains the fruit and veggie fibre but emulsifies it into a luxurious puree that can be consumed as a soup, smoothie, dressings and more.

A food processor, is similar to a blender, only it needs little to no water to mix ingredients together and it doesn’t puree as finely as a blender, so it is excellent for making pates, thick sauces and many raw desserts.


Do I need all three?

You will have the most flexibility with all three appliances, but you really don’t need them all to just eat more raw foods. I use my blender most, followed by a food processor, then my juicer. I will teach you how to use all of these in my upcoming Fundamentals class.


If you are just beginning with green smoothies, start with a blender. If you want to go first-class, buy a VitaMix or Blendtec (I recommend Blendtec) but most beginners have a sufficient blender kicking around in their kitchen. Use it until it breaks down (and just chop up your veggies smaller).

Green juicing is an absolute delight on so many levels. It is a great way to add more raw foods to your diet and is especially healing.


Juicers range quite a bit in price but, for most people, a simply fountain juicer (like a Breville juicer – my favourite) will do the trick (if you are just juicing for yourself, there is a small Breville model being sold at Farm Boy for $99 or loads of used ones on sites like or

If you really get into raw foods, you may want to invest in a higher-end juicer that can make vegan ice cream, nut butters and pates, but that is a blog post for another day!


A food processor is an invaluable tool and, conveniently, it is something that many folks already have in their kitchen.

If you’re adding it new to your kitchen, make sure to buy a Induction Drive Motor as it will really outlast the other models. Brand names I like are Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid. Also ask yourself how many people you are cooking for (usually they come in 7-8 cups and 12-13 cups models).


A sharp chef’s knife will make your kitchen ventures a dream. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

I like Mac knives as they are reasonably priced and are high quality Japanese knives used by some of the best chefs in the world. I like an 8″ chef’s knife (they are not serrated) or a 6″ Santoku knife (try each one to see which suits your hand better).

Also invest in a sharpening stone (much better than the traditional sharpeners as they don’t eat away the blade). 


Cutting board – Likely most people have this already but, if not, start out with a wood or bamboo cutting board (a plastic one can cause little bits of plastic to end up in your food).


Vegetable peeler – I recommend a regular, plain-old one, as well as a julienne peeler like this.  You can make noodles out of vegetables like zuchinni and squash. Amazing!


Microplane – Many of you know I use a microplane all the time to grate garlic, ginger and more into your lovely creations (it prevents a clump of garlic ending up in your soup). You can find one for really cheap (10 bucks) at places like Loblaws.


With this information, I hope you are ready to get started.


But – before you go – what are your must-have raw food kitchen items? Which blender (or any other item) do you prefer best? Leave your comments and questions below!


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  1. re: kitchen equipment. After buying used weak blenders every second month from Value Village, I finally made a big step to buy a powerful blender. I now use my wonderful Blendtec which I cherish. With 24 different programs, some of them customized to my needs, everything is possible.I also bought the additional Blendtec Twister jar to blend any thick food such as hummus, pesto, thick shakes, nut butter, guacamole, and pâté to perfection. If I don’t succeed, I can’t blame the machine! I bought it online a, a Canadian raw supplier for all Canada situated right across the Ottawa river. They have a big warehouse and material available; my blender came in 3 days later, free shipping.

    I also use my food processor, a Cuisinart, for certain recipes with great satisfaction also. And my latest acquisition is a juicer. RAWNUTRITION.COM have many brands available: GreenStar, Omega, Champion, CitriStar, Metrokane and Focus. Well, I chose the best one, the GreenStar, model Elite GSE5300 Juicer. I deserve it! It’s a charm to juice anything with this machine. No wonder this company supplies restaurants all over Nortth America. I would recommend to buy the accompanying book, “Living with Green Star”, 170 pages of inspiring juicing info and recipes. I also ordered it online from, which arrived at my door, free shipping, 3 days later. I like it so much that I could juice all my meals. Maybe I should go on a juice diet…….

    All these are not expenses but rather investment into my health and joie-de-vivre. Indeed, eating raw is enjoying life at its fullest. Living food = living life. My next reward for being a good boy is the Excalibur dehydrator, one of the six models available. Hmmm Which one? I’ll order it again from the same supplier; good service and quality products.

  2. Back in 1977 I was given an Oster blender, it has it purpose (I still have it, by the way it still works) But now I love My Vitamix I have had it for a number of years and it still works like a dream. I am new to raw food so it was used for other stuff.
    I have a ceramic peeler and love it also, very sharp I have used it to make veggie noodles.
    I also recently bought a Omega Juicer from Rainbow foods. It works great also. I started out with a Juiceman Juicer back in 1992. It worked ok. then a friend gave me her Jack Lalaine Juicer. Both of these worked ok but my Omega, I find works the best.
    I have a Kitchen Aid food processor I think 13 cup one. I have had others in the past but this seems to work the best, they have a great warranty policy. I had to have it repaired and they sent me a whole new machine, as it was under warranty.
    I was glad to find your web site. Thanks

  3. Great post!!

  4. Blenders! I love them more than juicers. I can’t live without my blender especially that I have adopted a smothie addiction :D

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