Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects

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Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects

Can drinking green smoothies create detox side effects? We all hear that green smoothies will make you feel fantastic – but – what if they don’t? Are green smoothies giving you trouble?

Many know I wholeheartedly believe that green smoothies are a super easy, low cost way to get a whole whack of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and more.


They are an absolutely essential way to add more fruits and veggies to your life, especially if you are busy. But, you may have also heard about (or are experiencing!) the detoxification associated with adopting a raw foods diet, a juice cleanse, or – you got it – copious amounts of green smoothies!


You may indeed experience some green smoothie detox side effects when first starting out.


Since green smoothies are packed-full of chlorophyll, it can cause detox if consumed in large amounts (and large amounts is relative depending on what your diet looked like before).


Chlorophyll is a particularly cleansing agent in our bodes as it helps to alkalize our system by ridding the toxins we have built up by eating less-than-ideal foods, by living in the city, by having stress and on and on. 


This means that – at first – you might feel slightly nauseated (or just “off”) from drinking a lot of green smoothie(s). However, while many people notice slight side effects, they also feel better and more vibrant than they have in years.

The level of detoxification experienced varies greatly between people, depending on various factors like what your diet was like beforehand, your overall health, and even your state of mind.


Often a group program is simply the best way to start, for these reasons. 


Common Detox Symptoms

In addition to a nausea that might last a little while (likely not more than a day or two), you might experience some degree of these common symptoms:

  • Mild headaches
  • Fatigue 
  • Metallic taste or thick coating on tongue
  • Slight rashes or breakouts
  • Excess mucous
  • Changes in your gastrointestinal system (like diarrhea, bloating, more frequent bowel movements, smelly gas)


These are all natural parts of getting the toxins out of your system. And adding green smoothies to your diet will be the mildest way to get the toxins moving and should only last a few days at most. 


Oh my gosh! you say, so what is the incentive to start green smoothies anyway?


Firstly, these symptoms are temporary – very temporary. As well, they are almost always related to scale. So if you’ve started gushing back 2 litres of smoothie a day, you’ll definitely detox (not always a bad thing if you’re prepared for it…).


If you’d like to take the path of least resistance (nothing wrong with that) than simply start slower. In fact, doing a short and gentle program like my Free 10-Day Green Smoothie Detox (starts live Sept. 4th), is a great way to begin. 


Start with one cup a day, then move up to a 1.5 cups in a several days, slowly increasing over a few weeks until you can have 3-4 cups or more a day (I have two full mason jars a day). As well, you can take it easy on the green portion of the smoothie to start. Start with 30% greens to 70% fruit and you should experience even fewer side effects.


Just like the frog who jumps out of a bucket of hot water, if you gradually increase the hot water (i.e. green smoothies) you won’t be in as much (or any!) pain.


In addition, drink water. Lots of water.


Get moving: go for a walk or a hike, try some dry skin brushing or bounce on a rebounder. Get to bed early for a few nights. 


And, to truly harness the healing power of green smoothies.


Rest assured, you’ll be drinking more greens sooner than you ever thought possible and soon salivating just at the site of freshly grown kale…Yuuuummm!


What is your experience with green smoothies? Do you have any other tips or tricks to making the transition easier? As well, can you imagine your day without a green smoothie anymore? Leave your comments below!

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  1. You bring to light a really great point. While green smoothies are touted as a food that will make you feel amazing it’s quite possible they could make you feel a little ill since they’re so detoxifying. Great tip to start slow. Baby spinach is my favorite green to add into green smoothies. For people just beginning i feel like adding a little bit of easily digested fat from avocado or coconut is also helpful in slowing down the release of toxins. One of my favorite blends is peaces, strawberries, almond milk, chia seeds, and a few handfuls of spinach.

    • Hey, great suggestion! Thanks so much! It is such a wonderful time of year to enjoy peaches. I always happily hunt for the organic ones :-)

      • Thank you so much for this. I had been backed up very badly to the point that doctors were concerned. i had been wanting to do smoothies but hadnt gotten a blender, until my mother in law heard that i was having trouble with my bowels. Since the first day I had it ive gone hard core green smoothie-ing and i thought i was gaining wait because my tummy has been bloated! at first i thought oh noits not working im probly still full of yuck! but even after releases i felt bloated so i figured oh maybe im just over eating the smoothies (only one or two a day) and then i read this and this is so reassuring. Im detoxing! duhhh and my body is a little bloeated from all the toxins being pulls out? correct? Thanks again everyone!

      • As a general rule of thumb if is the bloating persist longer than 2 weeks, an allergy is suspected, so make sure to keep track just in case you have a sensitivity to gluten, etc. Best of luck!

    • Great ideas, thank you!

      • Detox are always hard and intense…we found a great everyday way to get Chlorophyll is buying liquid form and can add to your daily bottle of water – tastes good to!

      • Yes, in a pinch this is good. I’d recommend E3Live over this though (or whole, fresh smoothies – no intense detox needed) – have you tried this yet? It’s an algae-based whole-food supplement which boasts an amazing nutritional profile. They have a feel-good guarantee – it’s THAT good!

      • I too have been feeling an aching pain around and slightly below my left ribs.The pain starts shortly after I consume a greens smoothie. The one I make contains pineapple, coconut water, kale and lemon juice. Is this just a detox reaction? How can I minimize the discomfort?

      • Tricia… Your pancreas is right under your left rib (not your gall bladder as someone mentioned below) which produces insulin in response to surges in blood sugar so you might want to minimize the sweets or try stevia instead – just a thought. ~Krista

    • I borrowed a vita mixer and went absolutely nuts with it. I went from a diet of few vegetables to drinking 3-5 12oz glasses of vegetables (with fruit and juice) of all kinds per day. Within about 3-4 days I started to notice some small red patches on my chest. I had to return the mixer and took a week break. But then got it back and resumed the 3-5 glasses per day – in about 6 – 8 days, the red patches / rash took over my chest, up and over the shoulders to my back, down my arms and now down my back on onto my legs. I’ve mentioned the vita mixer to the doctors and none suggested it might be the culprit. I refused to believe it as well. But now reading comments on this site, I’m going to lay off for a while and see if it helps.

      • TRICIA- I’m not a doctor but that could be gallstone related.

        The symptoms of this are good to know. However has anyone experienced light-headedness?

      • In reply to your red patch breakouts, I personally found out I’m mildly allergic to raw ginger root (which were added to my daily smoothie). My redness was on my hands after handling root, but your issue may be as simple as an allergic reaction to a single ingredient…?

      • Yes, all it takes is one ingredient. Thanks for your input.

      • I started drinking the green smoothies about a week ago..and I am very nausea everytime I drink one..and i am also light headed.. I use almond coconut milk, a small hand full of spinach, a banana, strawberries, blueberries and a teaspoon of cinnamon in mine..I was wondering if it was just too much for my system or what was going on. Still a little concerned.

      • JANET. I think that the amount of cinnamon you add to your drink is a bit too much, cinnamon CAN be toxic in higher doses, a pinch is about right in one portion

  2. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    • You’re so welcome and thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Oh my!

    I am so glad I found this site. I had my first green smoothie ever yesterday (a blend of greens, apple, pear, banana, and grapes) and felt horrible all day! I had about 1.5L of green smoothie during the day, but was unable to choke down my remaining 0.5 L (I threw up =( ).

    I was so disappointed! I’ve been reading so much about how these smoothies are wonderful and give you so much energy, and they made me so extremely nauseated that I didn’t want to do anything except lay in bed!

    This morning, I woke up feeling a lot better, but the nausea returned after I choked down some breakfast green smoothie…I’m feeling like I have to take your tips and slowwww down. I’m going to stick to munching on some nonblended fruits and veggies for the day and limit my green smoothie intake to a few sips between meals to build up my tolerance of the drink. I really hope to build up my stamina so I can start taking advantage of this amazing drink!

    • Yes, moderation is key for long term success (i.e. not overdoing it do you never do it again!).

      Soon enough you’ll be drinking the desired amount but don’t be fooled, even in smaller amounts (at first) you’re doing wonderful things for your body! Keep up the good work :-)

    • What did you expect if you start with 1.5 l a day!! The body does not like fast changes, especially to diet. Any radical change to diet done too fast will give you gastrointestinal problems. Start slow and build it up.

    • I started green smoothies also a couple days ago. I definitely things adding apples and pears was a mistake! It made the smoothie very chunky and grainy. Starting out I think just spinach, a banana, strawberry yogurt and a little water. This totally covers the spinach takes and makes it like an actually smoothie because of the yogurt. Definitely try this out you can drink it was a straw instead of choking it down!

      • I had the same issue as far as the salsa texture. I had to invest in a high end blender in order to get a smoothie texture. Blend tec or vitamix . Ive used it just about everyday for the last year. I heard the nutribullet was pretty good as well for smaller portions. Preparing now for my first 10 day reboot. Very excited!

    • Hi Sam!

      I know it’s been over a year since you posted this, but I hope you have tried again and have been able to adjust to some raw drinks :) As you probably know it does take time to adjust, but that’s only because our bodies really become dependent upon what we feed it. Any change, and you can believe our body rebels! When I started making broccoli soup from broccoli, salt, and pepper (not the store bought kind), my stomach was so sick, but now I crave this soup along with at least one spinach shake a day! So weird how we can change and adapt; I think moderation is definitely key! Cheers to you, hopefully you can drink this shake now and wish you the best going forth!

  4. Great site and info! I started my Kale Shakes yesterday and experienced the nausea and discomfort. I was very disappointed but I had a sneaking suspicion that there had to be some sort of sense to this situation.

    My wife and I are on day two and looking forward to this journey!

    The detoxing makes complete sense… we went with more fruit today.

    I’ll check back in a week or so!

    Take care of yourselves and one another.


    • Oh good! I’m so happy to hear. Yes, it is hard when you think something’s going to be so good for you and you feel less than stellar at first. But stick with it, like you’re planning and do come back to let me know how it’s going. Make sure to stick with it for at least 3-4 weeks though and you’ll never go back :-)

      If you find they are not keeping you full enough, add a high-quality raw protein powder like Sun Warrior (it is sprouted brown rice and tasty too).

  5. Let me start off with saying if you get grossed out easily stop reading now. I just finished a 3 day green smoothie cleanse. I have felt perfectly fine. Today was my last day of only smoothies and tonight for dinner I ate a caprese salad. Only tomato and buffalo mozzarella with balsamic vinegar . I still don’t feel sick, but tell that to my stomach…..I just had 3 rounds of diarrhea. I’m not sure if this is from the smoothies or the cheese. I’ve never had this reaction from cheese, but then the past 3 days I have not had this reaction from the smoothies either so I’m confused.

    • Congrats for completing a three day smoothie cleanse!

      Since you haven’t had solid food in the last 3 days, anything solid will promote bowel evacuation, so all the “junk” you had started detoxing out of your system is still leaving your system (it is often good to actually get a colonic treatment after three days of cleaning for this exact reason).

      Stick with it if you can and continue with green smoothies at least in the morning and you’ll keep the toxins flowing out of your system in a less extreme way. But there is still more detoxing for you to do by this sign. :-) But it doesn’t have to be as extreme to see benefits.

  6. I decided that I wanted to do a 3 day detox. After my first green smoothie of the detox this morning I felt just fine. But an hour later (and up until now as well) I’ve felt extremely sick to my stomach and feel as if I need to throw up. The thought of my green smoothie for lunch leaves me with this awful feeling as well in my stomach. Maybe I should take it slow and just drink one a day for a few days first? Or I should just push through it? I want to detox my body! But I’m just not sure if I’m suppose to be feeling like this or if it’s a good thing?

    • Yes, often detoxes will have this effect on our bodies, especially if our diets before lacked considerable greens. What was your diet like before this? As well, did it have a considerable amount of fruit in it also?

      It is absolutely “normal”, however, it may not be necessary to do it this quickly.

      Yes, indeed, by including just one green smoohie a day and slowly working up over a matter of a few weeks to 2 cups or 4 cups per day, will likely have more positive effects in the long term.

      Main reason? As opposed to doing a quick 3 day detox, then going back to “normal”, you’ll be starting a really great long-term habit.

      Is there anything wrong with a 3 day detox? Not in iteself, but for many people it can be off-putting enough that you’ll never feel like drinking a green smoothie again and that would be horrible!

      So it’s all a question of what your priorities are. My personal suggestion is to start by drinking the green smoothies daily, in addition to your other meals. Also, try to “purify” the other meals you are eating, so no dairy and meat if possible (even for just a matter of a few weeks). You’ll experience a detox as well but more slowly. Furthermore, when you are at this level, this is often when you’ll be most successful at a full-fledged detox, so a more intense one may be possible in the future.

      Hope this helps.
      Email me at if you need more help.

      • I love this forum! So informational :) starting my cleanse today and after some research I’m just going to work it into my diet instead of going head first and cutting it all off. But can anyone give me an example of how many ounces of green smoothies a day I should be doing…? Thanks!!

  7. How do i, not choke on my green smoothie… :( I have just had like 3 gulps of my green smoothie and i’m typing this… there is still like 3/4 beer mug full of it left… i need help i don’t want to feel discouraged. I made it with 2 huge hand fulls of spinach with half a carrot and an apple. I blended it 2 mins… its smoothie like but still my mouth needs to get used to the texture. I need to keep stirring it before gulping coz all the fiber seems to collect at the top. The metallic taste of spinach is totally putting me off but that the only greens i get here which can be eaten raw. Should i try to reduce the amount of greens, like half it with a bit more water. coz i have used just 200 ml of water so my smoothie is pretty thick. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help . Or is it just a question of my mouth and throat getting used to the texture and will get better over time…. :(

    • Hi, Congrats for attempting this!! You might just be putting too many greens in to start. Just start really small, and aim to have 70% fruit by volume, 30% fruit. This way it will be much sweeter. If possible, invest in a better blender also and make sure your smoothie is frosty with a few ice cubes. I hope this helps – keep up the good work!

      • The one time I blended a carrot in with my regular green smoothie veggie/fruit it tasted like bitter dirt. We (my family) decided to donate that smoothie to the health of our kitchen sink … YUCK! Don’t know why the carrot addition created such a ghastly tasted … but it did. We decided to keep the carrot extraction of nutrition to our juicer and never to use it in the blender again … :/

      • I too prefer my carrots in juice – they’re so fibrous it’s hard to blend properly.

    • It’s also better to take your time drinking your smoothie instead of gulping it down. There are important digestive enzymes in your saliva that should mix with your smoothie before you swallow it. Swish it around inside your mouth for better digestion. :)

    • Try the ones with Kate instead of spinach.

  8. I tried my first “Green Smoothie” today and it was delicious! I used organic kale (3 leaves), 1 granny smith apple, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, a couple of mint leaves and believe it or not – no water. The consistency was great, the color was sooooooo pretty and the taste was very good. I did experience a little light-headedness and some fatigue, which I’m still feeling but no expelling from my system yet. I’ll try another one tomorrow morning and see what happens. So far, I really like them.

    • I think it depends on your blender to some extent. I have a Nutri Bullet and I use it everyday. I can’t taste the carrots at all after it is blended with the kale, various fruits, etc. One noticeable thing is that my previously high blood pressure has dropped so low that my physician caution me on the possibility of it going down too low. I have noticed sharp pains in my hands, feet and legs at times. Don’t know if there is a connection. Could be a circulation problem. I read somewhere that too much kale depletes the iron in your body so you may want to check that out.

  9. So glad Victoria! Keep up the great work! Keep us posted on your progress.

  10. Glad I stumbled upon your site. I’m on day 2 of incorporating 32oz of green smoothie into my diet daily. I bought a Vitamix 2 weeks ago and have been having smoothies here and there but in the last 3 days been making it a point to really add the greens. Yesterday I had 32oz. This morning for breakfast I had Robyn Openshaw’s Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie and then made another green smoothie this afternoon. I’ve had so much energy these last 2 days! But then it hit me. I now have a nagging headache, nausea, and body aches. The thought of drinking another smoothie makes me want to hurl lol I want so badly to take some Advil but I just read it wouldn’t be a good thing. I have a 2.5yo son to take care of so I’m hoping with some rest I will feel better in the morning. TMI but it’s also ‘that’ time of the month so not good timing on my part to start this new regimen.

    • Hi Jackie, Yes, I completely agree that monthly cycles can indeed affect how you feel during this detox of sorts.

      Are you perhaps cutting out caffeine? If not, you could perhaps cut down just a bit on the smoothie to start, since you are taking care of your toddler, or make the sweeter with a bit less greens. But do know it will pass (and pretty quickly)…and keep up the good work. Keep us posted on your progress.

    • I have noticed this as well. When I drink a green smoothie around my period, I tend to get really bloated and nauseous. Usually when it’s around that time, I just try to drink them when I know I am going to be home for a few hours so that i can lay in bed to deal with the bloating. It always goes away within an hour or two, and I really love the benefits of my green smoothies, so I would rather deal with the bloating and be uncomfortable for a little bit a few days each month than give them up.

    • Thank you for being transparent Jackie … I felt the same way … GREAT for a couple days and then BAM … headache, fatigue, joint aches … :o

  11. Enjoyed reading through all these comments. I have been on green smoothies for several weeks now and love the energy they give me. I started on them whilst doing body ecology diet and as a veggie wasnt getting much energy from the diet and the green smoothies helped. I have been getting diarrhea though and at first I did feel sick but that has past.

    To those that are having trouble with the taste you shoudl trying adding some stevia to them. I dont use fruit as that is not part of body ecology as the sugars feed the candida but stevia is fine and makes my pure green smoothies (spinach, broccoli, cucumber, swiss chard, carrot) taste fine. I sometimes put a 3 or 4 soaked almonds in there also to change the taste a little.
    My green smoothies give me a long lasting energy and I have lost lots of weight and feel healthier in just a couple of months.

    • Hi Phil, Stevia is definitely a wonderful suggestion for sweetening smoothies, as it doesn’t affect blood sugar at all – thank you.

      I’m so thrilled to hear you’ve had some positive health impacts also. It is absolutely normal to get diarrhea as well but does pass. It is good for those who are not used to having lots of fibre to make sure you’re drinking lots of water as well.

  12. I also have been drinking green smoothies for over a year now. I have never felt better. However, I did go through detox as well in the beginning. I did have some headaches for a week or two but I felt so full from the smoothies, I did not want to give them up. After the first couple of weeks I felt better than I had felt in years and have dropped about 20 lbs. I bought a vita-mix and use it every day. One vita-mix jug will fill up two mason jars full of green smoothie.I then put them in the fridge and When I leave to go out, I grab a smoothie and off I go. The mason jars work really well for me. There is always a bit left over and I take my morning vitamins with that.
    Thanks for the information about the detox Sarah.

    • Wow, Angi! Congratulations. It takes dedication but after the initial period, it’s so rewarding. You’re so welcome.

    • I am going to be starting a green smoothie cleanse. I have mentally prepared myself for all the “side affects” and am going to welcome them. Although I may feel horrible I know it is all the toxins leaving my body, but my question is. How long can you keep a smoothie stored?

      • Great, Amanda. Good luck! They keep for 2-3 days.

      • Thanks!! starting tomorrow

  13. Thanks for replying so quickly! I don’t know what happened but I feel OK today. A little ‘buzzy’ but otherwise fine. Wondering if I reacted to something in the breakfast smoothie? I will try it again in a day or two and see if I get the same reaction.
    I haven’t cut out caffeine. I do drink coffee in the AM and it’s only 1 cup. My son and I are both gluten, soy, most dairy (except hard cheeses) and egg free. I’m also grain free. It started when he was an infant and since we were nursing I had to follow the same diet. I found I felt great eating this way! But since doing this over a year ago I’ve found that I can do better. I’ve always been conscious of eating more greens but with a picky husband it makes it hard. Hence getting the Vitamix! I’m hoping I can kick start my body into losing this weight that won’t budge and help heal some issue’s I’ve had for quite some time (HBP, digestive issue’s etc.) I LOVE the energy I have these last couple days! I can’t tell you how much I’ve got done around the house! lol And for those people out there who think it’s too expensive to eat this way, BS! We went grocery shopping today and I spend $110.00 which is normal for us. I got 2 whole Envirosax worth of veggies (some organic) and fruits! I even bought chicken and turkey and some other items we needed since I have to cook normal for my husband. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for my health!

    • It’s so exciting, isn’t it? I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. I always find it interesting how the path to health isn’t necessarily linear and also it builds over time (you learn one thing that leads to another and another and so on).

      Price is interesting too. My rule of thumb is how a person/family ate before: If diet consisted of whole foods then it really isn’t that much more money but if we’re coming from a mostly processed diet, you can notice a difference (but in that case I always say you can pay now or in the end unfortunately).

      So happy to hear this made a difference and hope it has persisted over these last several days.

    • I agree about the cost … HELLO … eating nutrition via green smoothies is A LOT cheaper that my several hundred dollars a month prescriptions I was taking … along with the thousands spent every year on doctor’s visits and hospital stays … :)

      • Wonderful point, Dawn! :-)

  14. So this last week has been a little rough. I assume I’m experiencing a level of detox. I’ve had a headache for about 4 days now and finally broke down this morning and took some Advil. It was on the cusp of turning into a migraine and I can’t have that with a 2.5yo running around! I’m rotating my greens, using Stevia (if needed) to sweeten, drinking plenty of water in between and eating a regular, healthy dinner. At first I thought it was the raw cashews causing the headaches but since eliminating those and still having the headaches those can’t be the culprit. The headache isn’t completely gone though and is just hanging out in the top of my head. I don’t want to stop drinking the green smoothies because I love the good things they’ve done so far. I’ve already lost a few pounds and I have energy all day long! Do I just need to buck up and deal with it? How much longer should this last? Any natural remedies to rid the headache? Thanks so much for your time and feed back!

  15. I figured it out! It was the Stevia. Eliminated it and headache is gone! Phew!

    • Hi Jackie! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve figured it out. Sometimes it’s just that tweaking we need. I’m not sure if you are avoiding sugar for diabetes reasons, but, if you’re not, a good low-ish sugar fruit sweetener (but not too high in sugar) are apples – green apples being the lowest in sugar. This could just be an alternative for you.
      Best of luck and so happy to hear you’re feeling so great and kudos for persisting too.

  16. Oh, thanks for this article. I recently increased dark greens in my diet and was wandering what is going on? Got diarrhea, bloating, lots of gas and fatigue. I thought I got some virus or bacteria. Hope not, hope it’s just too much of greens for one go!!!

    • Yes, most likely if it’s in the first several days, yes it is a detox.

      Also, just as a rule of caution, it is rare to get a bug from greens but it is possible, so – even if your produce is organic – always take care to wash your fruit and veggies to prevent the spread of any bacteria. If they’re not organic, I also soak them in a fruit and veggie soak for 10 minutes. As well, I make it a habit to wash all my produce as soon as I get home and place them in the green veggie bags in the fridge, so they’re all ready to go when I want to use them.

    • I’m a Holistic health coach and want to warn you about antinutrients that you seem to be intolerant of. The Oxylates in green smoothies can cause a rash and lead to damage.

  17. Hi Sarah, well sadly after a recent heart attack I knew I had to take control of my life a little better and have decided to work towards a raw lifestyle. My first step is a green smoothie in the morning and was wondering about my green stools. So thanks for posting this topic. I think a little advise for others starting out. Avoid kale. Just in the beginning. It is great for sure but packs a mighty big punch to us beginners. Baby spinach seems to have a little less effect on the least that’s been my experiance.

    • Hi Pete, How enlightening to hear someone like yourself taking your health into your own hands. I’m sorry to hear about your heart attack but commend you for your courage to take action.

      Green smoothies are certainly the easiest way to get started. Kale can be a bit tough to get used to (especially if you have a regular blender) so thank you for pointing out that, for beginners, baby spinach is excellent. Overall, don’t forget to experiment with other greens too, like swiss chard, collard greens, even parsley and cilantro.

      Green stools are perfectly normal when eating a high greens diet (ever see grass-fed cow poop too? Green!). Keep us updated on your progress and best of luck!

      • Well it’s been three months since my heart attack and two since moving to the green side! I just got back my most recent blood work and my doctor was astonished. My cholesterol has dropped 50% and my tryglicerides are just a touch above where they should be. I also lost 15lbs not that i needed to lose much ive always been lean but it was that little tire lol. I know many factors have contributed to this but there is no doubt my morning drinks and working towards a raw diet have had a tremendous effect! Thanks for some of your email help and for such a great site!

      • Hi Pete, What an amazing tidbit! Thank so much for sharing. Sharing this will inspire so many people, I’m sure, as it has me. Even dealing with this all the time, it is always astounding to hear these stories.
        You really deserve to congratulate yourself and keep up the good work. Wishing you the very best,

  18. Thanks for the kind words Sarah, im curious about your comment regarding blender types. It which way can a blender make a differance with the actual ingredients?the one ihave isn’t the best but gets my drinks to a fairly smooth consistency. I kinda like the little grit lol

  19. You’re so welcome, Pete. You will be AMAZED at what a difference a high-speed blender can make.

    In fact, most people who are serious about eating more raw, plant foods eventually invest in one when they can. You can easily make something like kale as smooth as spinach. But if you like to chew, than you might do really well with what you have. In fact, chewing is best even with smoother smoothies since it gets the digestive juices going.

    I recommend a Blendtec or Vitamix but also I’ve heard the KitchenAid is a bit more affordable and yet effective.

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  21. I am on my third day of green smoothies. I’ve committed myself to drink them twice a day (morning/evening). I typically use standard glassware to drink from. I try to make sure I add optimal amounts of greens in the evening and a little more fruit in the morning.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that when I drink the smoothie and then eat regular food, my stomach begins to gurgle.

    • Thanks for posting, Sweets! Actually, you’ll find that green smoothies are best digested on an empty stomach, especially if you have a high ratio of fruit. They are simply great meal replacements and take up a lot of volume in your stomach (which is why they’re so great for weight loss), so give this a try (I do recommend an empty stomach).

      If you are just consuming a little (a cup for so) wait about 30 minutes afterwards and then eat as you regularly would. Let me know if this helps.


  22. Hi, I tried going on a green smoothie diet last year for almost two months. In the beginning it felt great as I did not bloat and I lost water retention. However, the one thing I that made me stop was that it made my PMS worse than ever. I went to see a traditional chinese medicine practitioner that told me that amount of raw veg is too ‘cold’ on a woman’s body. What do you think of this? My normal blend always included ginger, turmeric powder and carrots. So now, although I’ve been reading so much benefits of drinking this smoothie, I’m hesitant to try.

    • Hi Chuishia, Thanks for your comment. By green smoothie “diet” do you mean exclusively green smoothies?

      I have much respect for the principles of Chinese medicine and there is much to be learned from this system, however, it doesn’t mean that every principle is right or that every principle applies to us. Many principles in Chinese medicine are simply outdated, much like Ayurveda (it too has much to offer but is an old system based on ancient beliefs).

      It is very common for Chinese medicine practitioners to say that raw foods are too cooling or “yin” on the body, however, there are an increasing number of practitioners recognizing the positive impact of raw foods. As well there are many studies touting the benefits of consuming raw and cooked vegetables and fruits.

      As for your specific situation, I’d wonder first, more importantly, what ingredients were in the smoothies (in addition to the spices you listed (and carrots – carrots are not normally included in great quantities in smoothies because they are so tough and hard to blend), and how many you were drinking?

      Green smoothies do not usually cause PMS symptoms to worsen, but to improve (same goes for menopause, I’ve had many clients completely alleviate many of their menopause symptoms with more raw foods).

      Please feel free to write to me at if you have more questions. Hope this helps,

    • Hi. Try adding flaxseed oil or even the blend that has evening primrose oil in it. It helps with women hormones.

  23. People you have to do it in moderation. You also have to be smart in portion ratios. What works for me is Watermelo, Spinach, Half Apple, and a squeeze of honey. I saw someone use a pear, but pears and bananas combined can cause serious indigestion because pears take forever to digest. Not a good move. My concoction is wonderful and I drink two a day. Don’t know if I want to do it three and four times a day. I think the main thing to understand is that our diets are so bad overall when we actually start, so chill out, and be mindful that some fruit even though blended can still make you nauseous.

    • Hi There, as you’ll see above there are different people and scenarios, so sometimes a quicker more critical approach is needed in terms of a health crisis and adopting a healing diet (or simply if you are motivated to do so). However, for most people, I agree moderation is the “probably” smartest, to avoid burnout.

      I’m not quite sure I’ve ever heard about the pears being difficult to digest. Overall, fruits in general are easiest to digest alone or with greens, with melon being the most critical to eat alone, but as for pears, I’ve never had any problems with it. There is something to be said for bioindividuality (we all react differently) so indeed for you, you might notice this. I’ve heard a similar thing with oranges in smoothies but this doesn’t apply to everyone.

      Thanks for posting!

  24. Hi. I stumbled in your site after reading up on the many benefits of drinking green smoothies. I am 39 years old and currently suffer from about eight different chronic conditions. These cause me to miss work a lot and the cost of medications are outrageous. Of the main ailments, I have Diabetes, Asthma, Glaucoma, and Hypertension. I am hoping the start of going green will be what saves me from an early grave. What recipe would be a good start for someone like me? I don’t expect an overnight miracle but I am so tired of being depressed, sick, and tired all the time. To clean my body of toxins and to have some energy would be a most welcome start in repairing the damage of an unhealthy lifestyle. Any advice from you or those on this site would be most appreciated.



    • Hi Yarncandy, Yes, I’d definitely recommend you embark on the green diet – congrats for finding this site. It is hard to give specific advice without knowing more specifics about your life, age, conditions, etc. There is a gradual way to approach this and also a quicker way (through cleansing and fasting) if you are at a critical juncture but you need the help of a professional for that (I do offer health coaching, see below). But just to give you a few ideas:

      In your case, because you have diabetes, I don’t recommend green smoothies with fruit in them (which is most). I’d really highly recommend you do some green juicing (since you can use more veggies, no fruit) and also look for some smoothie recipes without sugar (see my fav below). As well, I’d highly recommend you get Dr. Mark Hyman’s book which has a huge focus on Diabetes and other chronic conditions called The Blood Sugar Solution. It is a great starting point for you. It has some meat in it (in moderation) but it is easy to work around if you’re plant-focused (which I do recommend!).

      Also, Kris Carr’s documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer is also a wonderful primer and inspiration for those embarking on this lifestyle. Go out and get yourself a juicer for your morning jolt of veggies. Below I’m pasting my green juice and savoury smoothie (sans sugar) for you to enjoy.

      I also have health coaching for those wishing to transition to a plant diet. See recipes below and enjoy!

      Savoury Thai Smoothie
      3-4 servings

      2 cups spinach
      ½ bunch cilantro
      ½ garlic clove
      ½ red or orange bell pepper
      2 Tbsp. lime juice
      3 tomatoes
      1 packet stevia
      1 avocado
      1 cup water

      Blend all in a blender!

      Classic Green Juice

      1 large English Cucumber
      3 to 4 stalks of celery
      1 broccoli stalk
      4-5 large kale leaves (as you grow accustomed to taste, increase amount of kale)
      1” piece of gingerroot
      1 lemon
      1/4 – 1/2 tsp stevia to sweeten

      Run through a juicer and rerun the pulp through once more if necessary.

      Best of luck on your journey!

      • Should the ginger have the outer part removed?

      • Hi Joyce, For this recipe, no, so long as it is scrubbed and any thick parts cut off (the gathering where ginger has been broken) only because mould can grow in these places. As long a it is fresh, clean skin it is fine.

  25. Hi Sarah!!!!!

    Stumbled across your site while doing my Green Smoothie research. Very insightful. Thank you for taking the time out to let us know the benefits of this amazing concoction. I am currently on day two of the Green Smoothie Diet. This morning my smoothie consisted of Organic Spinach and Kale, 1 organic apple, 1 Organic Banana, a few pieces of pineapple and a few tbsps of organic lemon juice. Yesterday I switched up the ingredients adding a few berries and cilantro. I am so happy that I can finally incorporate greens into my life daily. Eating salads just bored me to death.

    I do have some questions/ concerns however:

    Is it bad to eat spinach and or Kale daily ? Should I rotate my greens?

    I work out so I am only drinking the smoothie first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for breakfast. I drink a tall glass about 1.5 cups. I’m going to continue doing this but I want to know if in the future I should increase the amount I drink daily. For example 32 oz for breakfast. Will it make a difference ?

    Also, exactly how many different fruits would you recommend adding to the smoothie? Its usually two handfuls of kale ,1 of spinach and two whole fruits, pieces of another ex: pineapple.

    Would really appreciate the help !!!! So excited to continue this new journey !!!!

    • Hello Cinthya, Thanks for stopping by! Absolutely not – it is not bad to consumer greens daily. I’ve written a whole post about this here. Of course, spinach is a green that is great to start with but I always say graduate to kale more regularly and, in addition, rotation is best (just like eating from all the colours of the rainbow), so definitely peruse your greens aisle and see the other types they have to offer.

      Yes, I recommend working your way up to one full mason jar a day (about 3-4 cups). We essentially want to equal about 1-2 bunches of greens a day. The logic for this is that chimps, with 96-99% similar DNA eat about the equivalent and I’ve seen many people’s health skyrocket with roughly the same amount or more. So aim to consume this, plus other greens in your diet, like salads, etc. Take a month of more to work up if you need. This isn’t necessary for everyone but since you work out adding some protein powder a few times a week can be beneficial for the days you are extra hungry. Our needs really vary with this so read my post here. I like Sunwarrior Raw Protein Powder. The myth that we can only eat so much greens is a terrible one: think of a cow, he eats grass ALL day and only flourishes.

      You can be as simple as one fruit per smoothie (mango and spinach) or as elaborate as 4 or 5 (berries, bananas, pineapple, etc). There are some great recipe books on this, as well as some on my site here and here and here. You’ll get so good at this, it will become intuitive.

      I so excited for you and hope you keep it up and come back and visit often.


      • Hello everyone. I realize this post is over a year old but I had to reply because I have been experiencing similar issues with the periods problem. I believe when drinking green smoothies with spinach has lots of iron and b vitamins in it. Those to can affect a woman’s monthly cycle. It took years for me to figure this out but after trying it out it has finally become clear to me. I noticed when I eat higher amounts of red meat, spinach, and green smoothies, it causes my stomach to cramp and heavier periods. When I cut these things out, I rarely even have a period. Im sure its not like this with most people on this forum but my body is made up uniquely in this matter. I do believe these iron and b vitamin rich foods can alter a woman’s monthly and increase pms because of the richness and increase of vitamins in green smoothies. Just my opinion. Sarah, can you give me your thoughts on this please? By the way, I absolutely love and enjoy your site.

      • Hi Lisa, Truthfully I have only heard the opposite effect of green smoothies and more raw food-that they help alleviate PMS. That said I am always open. However, what I believe it most likely to be is a reaction to the growth hormones and also naturally occurring hormones present in meat that are likely suspect. Precisely because the iron found in greens is non-heme iron (not the heme iron found in meat) which is a plant-based type of iron and the interesting property about non-heme iron is that the body only absorbs non-heme iron if it needs it.
        That would be my guess but we all know our bodies best. Thank you for sharing. I may suggest trying a different kind of green also, maybe something mild like romaine lettuce. :-)

      • Hi Sarah,

        Wow you responded quicker than I expected. Thank you for your response. Thank you for confirming trying romaine lettuce because that was my next step. I really like the way I feel when I drink smoothies so I am trying my best to keep it going. I recently purchased the Nutribullet and have been making daily smoothies but at times I feel brain fogginess and a little light headed. Sometimes I get a headache. This has been going on for nearly 2 months. I read where I believe you said it could be an allergy in one of the ingredients. Throughout the two months I have been mixing greens and veggies up to find what works best for me but I have not found it yet. My most common way of making a smoothie is with organic produce like greens using kale or spinach, carrots, pineapples, blueberries and strawberries, banana, and walnuts. Whenever I use spinach or kale, I get cramps in my stomach. These are menstrual type cramps. When I stop juicing it goes away. It is very frustrating but I am trying to not give up. Love the forum and all the interesting information that is shared.

  26. Hi Sarah,

    Awesome site! I have started drinking green smoothies/juice using the Nutribullet. I’ve had two per day for the past five days with one day skipped (Sunday). I’ve been on a birth control pill that makes me not have any periods for a few months now. I haven’t had one and it’s been normal. Within two days of drinking green smoothies my period came full force, and not at the time it usually “would” (at the end of the pack).. I’m hoping this is part of the detox and is normal? Have you ever heard of that happening to anyone?

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Val,
      I’m happy you are on this new journey and found my site. As a preface, I am definitely not a medical doctor and you should do your best to find a doctor who will support your decision to eat healthier foods, as well as examine why this might be happening.

      However, as an experienced raw foodist, I have indeed found women to sometimes have short bleeding, for 2-3 days, after starting a detox especially if they need to detox in the reproductive area which can sometimes be due to build-up pesticides or if you are on contraceptives. Usually it goes away and is no longer problematic. This is not unheard of when detoxing. A natural part of detox is to let go of toxins and chemicals in your body and, if they are present in the reproductive system, a natural way for women to detox is to bleed shortly, which can also happen even in menopausal women.

      A visit to the doctor to ensure you are in perfect health may be in order for you and give you some peace of mind, however, don’t be tempted to give up the green smoothies either way – these cannot be damaging to your health; rather, they are bringing your body back to balance.


      • Thank you so much!

        One more question.

        If these green smoothies are added to your diet and you eat somewhat normally in addition to the green smoothies do they still detox your system? Or do they only fully detox when they are the only things consumed?

        Thanks again,


  27. Hi Val, You’re welcome. Ask away!

    Yes, even just adding some green smoothies to your daily diet can still detox you to some degree but usually/generally slower (i.e. milder symptoms) however everyone is different. Cooked food slows your detox but doesn’t make it disappear completely necessarily (you’ll see here in the comments many people have detox symptoms just from adding one green smoothie to their diet, not even on a full-fledged detox).

    If you want to detox more quickly, than yes, this will happen quite quickly with just drinking green smoothies or a combination of green juices and green smoothies. I usually recommend you have some time away from work and usual duties since a detox like that can take a lot of energy and increase need for rest, esp the first 3 days.

    What is considered a “normal” diet in our culture can lead to a somewhat large deficiency in vegetables, particuarily greens, so that is why your body is likely reacting with some detox symptoms.

    Hope this helps,

  28. Hello Sarah,

    Is it okay to have these smoothies every day that involve just about as much fruit as they do greens? I’ve been making smoothies that are banana, handful of spinach, handful of kale, blackberries, blueberries, rasberries, ginger root, coconut water, flaxseeds, chia seeds and honey and cinnamon. I’m doing the smoothies to detox/cleanse a bit, lose weight, and add all the nutrients to my diet. They turn out more purple because of the blackberries, which is honestly more appetizing to look at and drink. But I just want to make sure that much fruit most likely won’t make me gain weight right? Wonder what your thoughts are.


    • Hi Shane, Yes, so long as you are not diabetic, then it is fine. Sugar in this way generally does not cause weight gain. Why?

      While sugar contains natural fruit and therefore, affects glycemic index, the important thing to remember is glycemic “load” which more accurately weighs the amount of sugar relative to fibre, so the actual spike in your blood sugar is much lower and well within safe levels and will not lead to the typical weight gain associated with insulin resistance (refined sugar spikes blood sugar so high that your body must release so much insulin and, over time, it becomes resistant and one major side effect is weight gain).

      I’d caution that, over the long term, you don’t likely need to add the honey though, I’d drop that as soon as you can (your taste-buds will change over about 3 weeks so try weaning it lower and lower), since it doesn’t come with the fibre the fruit does.

      Further, berries are all extremely low glycemic load, so of all the fruits available, they are the best choice! The addition of flax and chia will even further slow the absorption of sugar into your blood, so that is excellent.

      As well, over time, try to amp up the greens to 60% and the fruit to 40%. Again, attempt this gradually over time so your taste-buds won’t notice. :-)

  29. I like your site! How long does the detoxing take to start? If I’m having the green smoothies a few times a day, when does my body start to detox? Do they affect my health right away? Thanks.

    • Hi Erv, Thank you! It can take as little as 3-6 hours to start detoxing if green smoothies are all you’re eating. Of course, everyone is a little bit different and it would vary on what other foods you’re consuming at the same time.

      As for positive effects, yes you get instantly more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more than before, as well you’ll likely notice improvement in bowel movements due to the amount of fibre right away. But it usually takes about 3 weeks to actually physically feel less tired and more vibrant and all the other pluses, so keep it up.

      • Hello,
        I just started the green smoothies yesterday, had two. My first one was 1 cup water, apple, and half a cucumber. It was delicious. Then in the afternoon I had a mango, banana, water, and spinach. They were delicious. I have had IBS and had know problems the next day. Also felt full of energy. This morning, a pear, banana and spinach. No gas or bloating. I also enjoy almond milk with a banana and nutella, sometimes put a half a teaspoon of instant coffee in the am as well. I have never felt better. Lost 15 lbs on the almond milk. Now on green smoothies. Perhaps that is why I am not having too much detox issues. Feel great!!!

  30. Hello,
    I am researching green smoothies i am pregnant and i want to get good nutrients for mine and teh babies health, i am conscious of oxalates due to the fact i have issues relating to oxalates so i am avoiding high oxalate fruits and vegetables. The question i have is in my research i have found that it’s not good to mix fruit and vegetables in the same smoothie it will cause digestion issues and u shouldn’t mix acid and non acid fruits together?? what is your thoughts on this? I have come across a great diagram. So i am thinking of makign two kinds of smoothies one that just consisted of non acidic and sub acidic fruits and then a seperate one with vegetables and good fats (kale, cucumber, celery, tomato, parsley,cilantro(which is coriander in australia) cinnamon, flaxseed, chia seed, sunflower seed, almond butter and some pea protein powder what do u think? Thanks for your help

    • Hi Caroline, The principles of food combining are outdated and it is now recognized that you can mix greens with anything (e.g any type of fruit except melon usually). That said, your smoothie sounds delicious. I have noted some of my clients prefer some fruits over others, maybe oranges instead of mangoes, etc. but these are all individual preferences. Overall there is no data to prove any food combining principles at all and I learned this from a raw food nutrition course I took.

      However – a big caution – if you haven’t had a lot of green smoothies before you were pregnant, I’d recommend you wait until after you give birth to start this, since green smoothies can cause detox side effects. The reason being you don’t want to detox and expose your child to toxins as they leave your system. THe best thing you can do is eat whole salads, lots of nutritious foods and maybe smoothies that aren’t high in greens at all. If, you’ve already done green smoothies than there’s no problem.

      The oxalates are NOT a worry at all. Please see my post for a detailed explanation:

      Hope this helps,

  31. Oh Sarah thankyou so much for your reply it has been tremendously helpful maybe that’s why i haven’t started yet just scared of it affecting the baby etc i just thought it would be a good way to get my greens but looks like i will use my new vitamix to make soups for now and i will have to eat my greens no i have never had green smoothies before so sounds like i will stick to making the fruit smoothies instead for now there yummy and start the green smoothies after bubs is here thankyou for the invaluable information

    • Great, Caroline. Also – a clarification – if you plan on breastfeeding, you also want to take it very slow here too because detox toxins can become present in breastmilk. I know it is a little discouraging (I remember having to wait almost 3 years to detox when I had my son) but it is well worth the wait and there are other creative ways to get your greens, through steaming, adding to soups, stews, massaging kale salads, etc).

      Very best of luck! Also, you can make many great “blonde” almond milk based smoothies as well.

      Best of luck!!

  32. Oh yes i do plan on breastfeeding I had a feeling i would have to wait awhile that’s ok i think the wait is well worth it :) For now i think soups are the way to go :) Thankyou again you have an amazing site and i love what you do

  33. I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for just over a month now. I usually use baby spinach, cucumber, small slice of ginger, a banana and pear, sometimes a piece of celery. Most days I also added 1/2 an avocado. I feel better in my self, but I am gaining weight and was looking to lose the excess Christmas lbs not put more on. I am very frustrated. I do go to the gym four days a week and hike 4-5 miles with my dogs on the weekends. Help!

    • Hi Barbara, Thanks for posting. I completely understand your frustration, since you would expect to lose weight from drinking green smoothies. And, in fact, they are an excellent way to lose weight, we just have to tweak it for you.

      While I don’t know the specifics of your situation (i.e. what you eat the rest of the day), it is important for you to assess what your eating habits are during the rest of the day. For beginners it is possible to overcompensate during the rest of the day if breakfast is a green smoothie, which may not keep you as full as a usual breakfast (sometimes protein powder helps to stay more full for some people – not necessary for all).

      Also important – I’d minimize the avocado to about 3 times per week until you get to your desired weight (then add as much avocado that you want).

      I would also recommend drinking some green smoothie during the afternoon slump period, about 2-3 pm and this will reduce snacking that is common during this time, only if snacking is a problem for you (otherwise morning is great).

      Also, assess how many nuts you are eating, if you are using that as a snack too. While little powerhouses of nutrition, more than a handful of snacking nuts can really add fat and calories to your diet (again not to worry when you are at your ideal weight).

      While green smoothies are amazing for weight loss, most likely the main issue lies in the foods you’re consuming during the rest of the day.

      Without knowing much more about your diet, this is the most I can suggest right now. I do have coaching packages if you’d like to work on a specific plan for your body. There are several different options for you, if you want to make weight loss a priority.

      I hope I have in some way helped :-)


  34. Hi! I am so glad I ran into your site! The most important thing to me is knowing the side effects of such drastic changes in my diet, I am glad google brought me straight here! There is so much information about juicing and smoothie-ing but they forget to mention what detoxification really is like and people get all “what the heck! I am supposed to feel good, its all veggies!”. Thank you for having all of this available.
    One question, I have always had a problem digesting properly and expelling digested waste. Some times I can go 4-5 days, which according to the doctor is ok…. but it is not. My question is, would you suggest smoothie-ing daily forever or just the occasional flush like one week out of the month? (for me, drinking over 30 oz of greens and 64 oz water doesn’t come out till 2 days later and eating 15 prunes doesn’t make any effect either). I just want working pipes. What veggies or fruits do you suggest for a laxative effect?

    • Hi Dana, Thanks so much for posting. First of all, I’d say for you to read this recent blog post I wrote about elimination:

      Also, note I am not a doctor and my advice cannot and should not replace his or her advice. Here are my main ideas, though:

      Do you eat meat? Since most people do, I’d like to suggest that this may be an issue for your pipes unfortunately. This is not to say that you can never have it but that a temporary hiatus and thereafter infrequently or in very small quantities after that may be very helpful for you.

      Unfortunately some people do o.k. with meat but others (most) have issues digesting meat. THe main reason is that for humans, we have very long digestive tracts and this means that it takes us between 2-3 days (some longer) to get rid of it and some of it becomes trapped in our guts building up over time.

      Another important consideration for your scenario is also wheat. Wheat and gluten cause are also a major suspect in causing infrequent bowel movements and chronic constipation, so another idea is to also do at least 3 weeks without gluten, not a crumb. Reintroduce only once afterwards and see how you feel.

      Overall, it is best to experiment with a raw foods diet for about 30 days (the more the better in your specific scenario) and after or during, also consider looking into colon hydrotherapy since this can help a lot.

      I hope this helps :-)


  35. What a fantastic well of knowledge, especially for the newbies. I made my first shake/smoothie tonight, but have a few questions. I used baby spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, apple, and pineapple. I have an 11-month old I’m still nursing a couple times a day. If I only incorporate 1 green shake a day, is detox still a risk for her through the breast milk.
    Also, is a tiny bit if the shake okay for my 5.5 year old? He wanted to try it and had about 1/4 cup, I’d say. Now I’m thinking it’s too harsh for his little body.
    If I have to wait to continue, I’ll certainly be back! Thanks so much for all of this fantastic information.

    • Hi Sunny and thanks for posting.

      Yes, unfortunately, when you are breastfeeding it is best to not embark on a radically new green smoothie diet, only because the majority of us will experience some degree of detox and you don’t want any excess toxins in your bloodstream which most likely get passed through to breast milk.

      This varies widely from person to person depending on how many greens and fibre you ate before but be very careful to consume very small amounts of smoothie at first and work up very gradually, so as to not trigger any detox. Also making them sweeter with fruit and full of protein with fats like almond butter will help to avoid any detox but isn’t a sure-fire way.

      Optimally, I suggest that you get the bulk of your greens from more traditional places like salads, massaged kale salads, soups as well (you can toss green into cooked soups – yum). In smoothies and juices the greens are more concentrated so that is why they can cause a detox.

      As for your son, most absolutely he can enjoy as much green smoothie as he wants!! I wouldn’t hold back. The reason is that children don’t generally detox, only because their systems are so fresh and new that they haven’t had the years of accumulated toxins like we do.

      He might like it too if you do about 60-70% fruit to start and then also tweak over time to include a bit less fruit (the optimal ratio of 60% fruit and 40% greens by volume). This is a major vehicle I use for getting greens into my toddler.

      I hope this helps!

  36. Hi Ive been doing green smoot jies about a month now faithfully each morning for breakfast. I normally do almond milk or water, banana, spinach, berries and sometimes a half cup of oat. Im startong to swotch it ip and I also tried to do two a day now. At first I felt great but this last week ive been so bloated and sometimes dizzy and lightheaded. Is this part of detox symtoms? Also ive read that o shouldn’t be doing spinach every I am going to alternate romaine and spinach. Im wonderimg tho how often do u recommend alternating greens?

    • You don’t have to be extremely regimented about rotating your greens, but take care to experiment at least one or twice a week if possible. As for spinach, it is a great “starter” green but for my everyday vice? Kale. It is much, much more nutritious, as well, we can absorb more of the nutrients, like iron (whereas in spinach we can’t). But even in addition to kale, especially in the summer months, I experiment with all the greens that my farmer’s market has to offer.

      My advice cannot – and should not – replace that of your doctors. Your symptoms are pretty “general” and could be applied to many scenarios. Bloating is one of those tricky ones where it sometimes can be a part of detox but is usually short lived. So if it’s coming back on a day-to-day basis over the matter of weeks, you are likely reacting to something you’re adding in your smoothies.

      My guess? You may be gluten intolerant and oats usually come into contact with gluten. I recommend doing a small green smoothie elimination, where you just make the simplest green smoothie there is (mango, kale, water to blend) and then see if that on it’s own gives you the same symptoms. If not, then add one more ingredient and so on and so on. You may want to start eliminating the oats first, since that’s the most obvious. Instead of oats, add a tsp of chia seeds, they are extremely high in antioxidants and slow the absorption of sugar in your blood (even fruit sugars).

      Also, make sure to drink your smoothies on an empty stomach, as well as chew while you’re drinking to release the digestive enzymes in your stomach. Best of luck!

  37. Hello,
    I am on day 4 of drinking green smoothies for breakfast (kale, romaine, watercress, carrot tops, berries and peaches, water) and I have only had one bowel movement so far. Lunch and dinner have consisted of grain-free, all-vegetable soups and stir fries. So I have gone GF and vegan, thinking that I could help to heal my gut. I am drinking about 50oz of water a day, I am trying to increase that. Any other advice? I’m feeling a little discouraged by the lack of progress.

    • Hi Jas, I hear your discouragement but don’t give up! You’d be surprised but – think of it this way – you’ve probably spent the bulk of your life eating in a more “traditional” way with less than ideal foods, so four days isn’t even a drop in the bucket in terms of healing your gut. Usually this implies that you’ve had or been diagnosed with some form of bowel disorder, so please be patient.

      As well, sometimes when we switch to lighter foods, there is less pressure on the intestine, so that is possibly why you’re not moving as usual. While my advice cannot – and should not – replace that of your doctor, often a little bit of psyllium husk powder (about 1-2 tsp mixed in a large glass of water 2 times daily, will really help for those with gut issues and for getting things moving and clearing out a lot of that old waste. So stick with it and come back and let us know how you’re doing!

  38. Hello, I want to do a green detox to lose weight and restart my body the right way. I want to start it but I don’t know how long it should last 3 days, a week, 2 weeks? While doing this , are all green smoothies recipe good or only specific one?

    • Hi, I do a lot of writing about green smoothie detoxes and how to add them to your life, so go through to some of my other posts on detoxing. Usually slow but steady wins the race in terms of weight loss. You don’t want to do 100% green smoothies and be so sick of them you’ll never get them again and gain any extra weight back because of starvation. Usually just adding green smoothies to your diet and limiting dairy and meat consumption, as well as all processed foods will get you to lose weight. If you want a specific detox tailored to your life, I have coaching sessions as well where I can build one while also providing long term results. So please take a look and let me know if you need any more personalized help. :-)

      • Also, usually any green smoothie will help, so long as it is raw vegan. So without the addition or refined sugars, dairy, etc. Keep it clean and simple with fruits, veg and nut milks.

  39. Hi Sarah,
    I had my first green smoothie this morning and googling the “effect” led me to your site. I have a question, last year I had DVT and was on warfarin (coumadin -sp?) for three months (after which I was scanned and the clot was no longer visible) and am now on aspirin for 12 months as a caution/preventative (yes, I am aware there are different schools of thought on the benefit of this). My question is, am I consuming too much vitamin k having a green smoothie each day (approx 150g of spinach in mine), will it interfere with my aspirin/increase my risk of further DVT?

    • Hi and thanks for your post. I think it’s best you consult with your doctor. In most cases, no, but we are all different. I always like to think that there are so few risks with healthy, clean food (that we were born to eat) but in your specific case, best to check with your doctor. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :-)

      • Thanks Sarah, I thought you might say that. It’s only because I had to be so careful about the amount of greens that I wanted to be sure. :)

  40. I have been drinking green smoothies regularly for a month now, but this morning i drank my green smoothie and took my vitamins and then 10 to 15 min later i threw up…. is this because i had nothing in my stomach? or is it that i got too many vitamins at one time? i’m not sure why i threw up being that i’ve never thrown up from my smoothies or my vitamins before…could it be that i took them together?

    • Hi Krystal, My advice cannot – and should not – replace that of your doctor’s advice. That said, here I’m guessing you usually don’t take them together? If so, then, yes, most likely you need to take your vitamins in the evening with supper (our bodies also synthesize vitamins better in the evening and night).

      Although green smoothies are packed with nutrition, they can still be quite light in our bodies. So take the vitamins with supper or spread out two doses (if you’re taking a lot) twice a day to prevent upset. Since you’ve been having green smoothies for a month now, it is unlikely to be the green smoothies. Of course, if trouble persists, then see your doctor right away.

      • thank you so much i don’t usually take them together so thats probably it! thanks again for getting back to me sooo fast :)

  41. Hi Sarah!

    I’ve been drinking green (or purple with lots of berries) smoothies since January almost every day. I have them for breakfast and lunch followed by a healthy dinner. On the weekends I don’t have as many but still have one a day usually. My husband and I are planning on trying to start a family in April. If I get pregnant right away, can I continue my green smoothie program I’ve been doing since I’ve probably already detoxed? Are there certain veggies or fruit to avoid?

    Also, a side note question (I hope you don’t mind).. are white or black chia seeds better for you? Have you heard that chia seeds are actually bad for men? I’ve read they even cause cancer in men!?!

    Thank you oh so so so much! :)


    • Hi Val, Yes you can ABSOLUTELY keep up the green smoothies while pregnant, so long as you’re already used to it. In fact, the extra nutrients would be amazing for a growing baby and also studies show that babies develop taste preferences while in the womb, so yes, indeed, you will love it and probably your baby too :-)

      As well, you’ve done it at exactly the right time (i.e. detoxed before pregnancy). If you find you need to eat a bit more during pregnancy and while breast feeling, also consider adding a scoop of protein powder like Sunwarrior (or another high quality brand).

      Chia seeds are amazing source of nutrients. You don’t want to overdo it because they’re very high in fibre (and is best to soak first before consuming). Yes, there was one study (2004) in the Netherlands who saw a link between chia and prostate cancer but no other study to date has backed this up, in fact only good things. Chia has a rich history dating back to the Aztecs, so do the research and decide for yourself. My advice cannot and should not replace that of your doctor’s. :-)

      Hope this helps!

  42. Hi Sarah, I stumbled upon this site while searching green smoothie fasts on Google. First off let me say that I’ve learned so much from this article and reading all of the comments. I just finished my 2nd day of an all out 30 day green smoothie fast. Nothing but green smoothies all day everyday for a month. So far I’ve had no ill effects, I love the taste of all my green smoothie concoctions and I’m feeling pretty good. I’m using the Nutribullet to create my smoothies. Its a great machine and is pretty much a mini vitamix. I like it since I can take it with me to work and what not. I’m sticking to the nutriblast recipes that came with the machine. 50% leafy greens, 50% fruit, handful of booster seeds or nuts and tapped off with water. This first week, I’m rotating spinach and spring greens in each smoothie along with cilantro and parsley. My fruits consist of apples, pears, kiwis, peaches, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe and avocado. My boosters are raw almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, chia and flax seeds and gogi berries. I plan to alternate my leafy greens along with Kale and Swiss chard. I also plan on adding mango, papayas, watermelon and grapes as well. Well, now that I threw all that out there, I just wanted to state the reasons why I’m doing this. I want to lose 15 to 20lbs, raise my level of energy and focus (been disappearing more and more by the day), possibly get off lipitor once and for all and most importantly, start to feel my age of 37 and not 57. I’m 6’5 and weigh 256lbs. My goal is to get back to my 235lb days, not feel like crap every morning and find my lost ambition. I’m feeling positive about this and started a blog so I could document the entire journey. My wife is nervous that I will damage my body, but I keep telling her that I’m actually healing what I already damaged from years of neglect. Once again, I wanted to thank you for making this site possible because after reading everything on it, I now feel even more comfortable as I embark on this journey. I look forward to future installments.

    • Hi Bows, Thanks for the kind comment. Love your website!

      • Thanks so much, Sarah. Still going strong. Up to day 10 and down 12.5 lbs so far. Oh and I feel great.

      • Awesome!

  43. i made green smotthies yesterday and put leeks and today i feel disaster my son take and he is ok!…i always made fruit smotthies to drink after finish in the gym and i never had problem,but leeks with pasley and celery made my stomach look like im pregnant,lol….its normal? i drink two 16 onz glasses and dont eat food!…

    • Hi Rosa, Actually I don’t advise putting leeks in, they are far too strong, as you found out. For a great veggie based green smoothie, use cucumber, some berries (very low glycemic), an avocado, spinach, some water or coconut water, cinnamon and stevia to sweeten. I bet this will taste much better! About your stomach, I’m guessing the fibre just didn’t sit well with you for whatever reason. It should go away quickly! If not, go to your doctor.

      • ty Sara im ok now and dont use leeks any more

  44. Sarah, while doing a 30 day green smoothie fast, can I have as a snack during the day at times, just straight fruit blended with water? Was wondering if every smoothie needs to have greens?

    • Hi Bows, This depends on what your goals are. If you’re wanting to stick to liquids for 30 days than fruit water blend is fine. If you’d like to work in a plant-milk smoothie, there is nothing wrong with that either. You can make an excellent number of raw plant-milk smoothies with bananas, cacao/carob, berries, some nut butter and water, plus your booster of choice(s). As well, if hunger is striking consider a high-quality protein powder like SunWarrior.

      If you need more support than this, and to get some really tailored support/guidance, I’d need to learn more about what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. I have a one-time coaching power session or I have one coaching space left for April. See here:

      Wishing you the best of luck!

      • Thanks Sarah. I will take you up on this offer in the future if I end up needing it.

  45. Hi Sarah, love your site! I’ve started drinking green smoothies everyday for about a week and a half now. Besides for the bloating which I’m seeing is normal, I’m coming down with a fever now, sore throat, swollen glands, as well as fatigue, and a headache. My diet before this was a whole lot of junk, processed foods, and sugar. Now I reduced my dairy intake and minimized my wheat flour intake. Are these symptoms part of the detox of releasing toxins or are totally unrelated?

    • Hi Marc, Congrats on your new journey! Sounds like you might be getting the flu not related to the smoothies… That is pretty intense set of symptoms for adding green smoothies alone. I’d see your doctor if it persists.

  46. I don’t if this question has been asked, or answered, but I am going to ask it anyways. Can you take things like aspirin or ibprofen while doing a smoothie fast? I have headaches a lot in general, but this one is pretty bad.

    • Yes, you can. Some raw purists will say no but there is no harm if it helps you to achieve your goal.

      • thanks glad to know. Peppermint only soothes for so long

  47. My son started making these green smoothies maybe 2 months ago, and I’ve been drinking them successfully until a few days ago when I had a violent diarrhea attack and mild nausea. It continued off and on since and then yesterday, I had another one on the way to the market. Barely made it to the store toilet. Actually thought I might have gotten the hantavirus somehow.

    • Hi Mary, If you’ve been drinking them without issue for 2 months, I’m not sure this is related to smoothies. I’d probably visit my doctor to get help.
      Thank you,

  48. I’ve just started using the NutriBullet to make a bunch of green/ fruit smoothies, I noticed all the detox symptoms initially in the 1-3 days. Though on Day 5, I noticed diarrhea and also on Day 6 in the morning. Is this normal? I also noticed that I used pineapple that might have more enzymes in it. Could this be the cause of the diarrhea? More enzymes in my smoothies and in my system. I wash all my greens to prevent any bacteria.

    • Hi Michael, Yes, in some cases it can take 1-2 weeks for elimination habits to return to normal (and often much better than before). Of course, I’m not a doctor so my advice cannot replace that of a doctor’s.

  49. Hi – thanks for writing such an informative post! I have been doing “green” smoothies for a month, but am worried I’m doing it wrong and losing out on nutrients. I take a ton of spinach and kale and blend it up, then pour it into ice cube trays – which I use in my smoothies to save time (3 big cubes). Today I had NO cubes, so used straight Kale, and for another smoothie, straight spinach. But I could hardly stomach it, and felt sick afterwards.
    Does freezing the greens for so long deplete their effectiveness? I figured my body had adjusted, but today I experienced the side effects your article mentions. Leads me to think I never adjusted, because my green cubes weren’t as powerful as raw leaves.
    Sorry long comment – thanks if you can help!

    • Yes, freezing will reduce some nutrients (not a lot if flash-frozen (which most companies do) but you obviously don’t have a flash freezer :-). I’d highly recommend getting used to the real leaves and if it’s too much at first just use less and increase over time. Fresh is best. Also, three cubes doesn’t sound like it would be a lot of greens either, so maybe the quantities were different.

  50. When I first started juicing I would get headaches and gastro-intestinal issues. It made me feel so bad I thought I was poisoning myself. I started and stopped the process repeatedly. Then, I started doing research and came to the same conclusion you did. I switched to smoothies via a blender and eased into it. Increasing the amounts of greens gradually. The headaches and malaise slowly went away as did the body fat. Great article. Thanks

  51. Hi, I’ve read every comment on here trying to figure out an answer to my questions, but I haven’t found an answer so I’ll ask directly! I have been doing green smoothies for 5 days. I cut out wheat from my diet about two weeks ago and have lost 5 lbs from that and exercising about 4 days a week…so I started the smoothies to try and drop some more weight and not hit a plateau. My smoothies consist of about 1 c spinach, 1 c kale, 1 c collard greens, 1/2 c cilantro, 1/2 c parsley, 1/2 c carrots, 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 c orange juice, and 3 c water. On the second day I added an avocado, and today and yesterday I added 1-2 T chia seeds. This makes about 48 ounces of smoothie, which makes up the bulk of what I consume during the day. I eat two eggs (and drink a cup of coffee) for breakfast, a chicken breast for dinner, and today I had to add another chicken breast for lunch because I’m afraid I’m not getting the protein and calories I need. Now, my problem is that I have been getting increasingly worse headaches, and it seems like they come mostly when I wake up, and after I eat “real” food. I also have been getting REALLY tired in the evenings…like fatigue tired (which can’t last much longer because I have night classes for college that I need to be awake and alert for) and I haven’t exercised in two days because when I try to jog, I get winded much quicker than normal. I have been drinking about 100 oz of water a day, roughly (some days more, some days less). Do you have any suggestions? Reading through your comments it seems like maybe I’ve jumped in pretty quick with the greens, so the detox symptoms may be worse than if I’d gone slower, but I feel like, since I’m already 5 days in, I don’t want to backstep and possibly have these symptoms last for an even longer amount of time, just with less severity. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Or is eating the chicken/eggs and not buying organic (can NOT afford it) just putting toxins back and it’s a never-ending cycle of headaches and fatigue? (SO sorry this comment is so long!)

    • Hi Jen, My advice cannot replace that of a doctors, so make sure you’ve got that part covered. If it gets worse, please see a doctor.

      But this sounds like classic detox. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but you’ve jumped in headfirst since you’re essentially doing a green smoothie detox (at least most of the day). You’re doing a good thing for your body but I’d consider taking it a bit slower, so it sticks long term. You’re not giving up or ruining a good thing, you’re doing it the smart way (i.e. you don’t have 2 weeks and 10,000 dollars to detox on an island, right?) so do I’d recommend the slow but steady way.

      The smoothies sounds really green-heavy, so I’d consider cutting back on the ratio. Try about 60% fruit (try frozen mangoes and/or bananas, berries, apples) instead of orange juice (watch some of my videos), since orange juice really spikes up the blood sugar. Make sure you don’t add too much chia since it can cause digestive distress if you’re not used to the fibre in it. I’d also add a meal for lunch but it doesn’t have to be animal based, just some food to eat (ie. chew) will slow your detox, like a nice soup or salad with pate, etc)

      Also, instead of overdoing the chicken and eggs, I recommend finding a high-quality protein powder for your smoothies (e.g SunWarrior) instead of eating a tonne of animal foods to compensate (also there is a high level of protein in greens – about 30%, plus a range of minerals and other nutrients not found in animal sources) so you’re getting enough nutrition, it’s just not as satisfying as chicken or eggs (b/c you’re not used to it).

      Keep up the good work!

      • Thank you!!!

      • What a wonderful website! It has been SOOOOO helful. I may have given up in my first few days if I hadn’t found this site!

        I am having the same issues as Jen with the detoxing and I am drinking similiary: two 24oz smoothies a day to replace breakfast and lunch, each about 50-60% greens. I rotate kale, spinach, and mixed greens and use all kinds of fruits like peaches, berries, banana, apricots, etc. I add protein powder and flax to my breakfast smoothie (RAW Protein) and chia or hemp protein to my lunch smoothie. I also exercise at least 4 times a week and drink lots of water. I rarely have any dairy as I am lactose-intolerant.

        I had some cold-like symptoms and nausea for the first few days and am glad that went away, but I am SO, SO tired all of the time, I cannot function! My head is cloudy and I’m so tired and irritable, almost like I have high or low blood sugar (and I don’t think I do, especially since I make sure I have protein and avoid sugar besides the 40-50% fruit in my smoothies).

        Anyway, I am on day 7 and I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED most of the day, but unbearably so after 2pm. I put RAW Meal protein powder in my smoothie in the morningI am worried that if I cut back on the smoothies to just drinking one for breakfast or lunch, I will eat poorly and get off track! It has been so easy to just have a smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch, but I can’t think and I’m so miserably tired! I’ve tried eating a regular lunch and doing the smoothies at breakfast and dinner, but I feel the same amount of fatigue!

        Do you think this could be an issue with blood sugar or classic detox?
        I do have sensitive blood sugar; before the green smoothies, I would eat (incl. protein) every 3 hours to manage it, so I am worried that if I increase the fruit and decrease the greens, I will get low blood sugar an hour after the smoothie. What do you think??? Thank you!!

  52. Hi sarah, i just found your website and fell in love with what i have learned and the content within it. I have been experiencing this detox symptoms too and hope they go away soon! My question for you is, is it bad to prepare the smoothies the night before hand and leave them in the refrigerator? I have a high power blender and it wakes everyone up so im forced to blend them the before the next day. also what kind of smoothies do you recommend for weight loss?

  53. I make green smoothie in the morning, and yes it does make me feel abit “off” sometimes, although I am used to healthy eating.

    I add: romaine lettuce, celery, mango, banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries and pear or apple.

  54. This is my second day, detoxing my body I was very sick, on yesterday also I felt very sleepy. What I did just now, I chop up some kale and I put cook chicken juice and I had already season the chicken. It tasted very good.

  55. Can I blend the greens and eat the fruits? I’m having a hard time fighting the headaches and hunger pains :(

  56. Hi, I’ve read thru your posts and have really enjoyed the info, Thanks! I can’t seem to find any similar questions/stories so i have to ask. I bought my Vitamix in Oct 2012, i use it approx 5xs a week, i easily consume 20ozs a day. I create my own smoothies aiming for more vegetable than fruit, usually it’s spinach our kale or a little of both, carrots, squash, 1 fruit, flax seeds, (todays exp: broccoli, celery, grapes, flax seed, protein powder, ice. I am not losing weight, I’m gaining, I’m bloated all the time, have lots of odorous gas and don’t regularly eliminate. I take thyroid medicine and 2 iron pills a day for anemia along with other vitamins (calcium, magnesium, vitamin c, multi vitamin etc) I was taking 2 stool softeners a day to combat the iron pills, but recently started adding Metamucil. What am I doing wrong

    • Oh yeah i drink tons of water, more than most people i know, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

  57. I am not trying to detox or lose weight. I am trying to have more energy and not feel so sluggish and also relieve some postpartum symptoms. I had read an article that said drinking a green smoothie everyday would do this. I have a 9 month old that I am nursing and a 5 yr old. I started drinking green smoothies on St Patrick’s Day! :-) I have been drinking them every day for the last two weeks. I only drink one a day, about 3/4 of a Magic Bullet mug. I put in a handful of either organic spinach or super greens a banana then whatever else I have on hand for fruit, coconut water, OJ or almond milk. I have been trying different recipes I find online too. I was hoping by now I would have more energy but I still feel very fatigued, maybe worse. I have not had any of the other symptoms mentioned except maybe some flatulence. Since I can’t detox will I not get the benefits of the green smoothie that I am looking for? I have enjoyed reading all the comments and seeing how green smoothies are help others.

  58. Hi there,
    I recently started getting into the green drinks. I began buying green juices from organic avenue (@$10 a piece) which got to expenseive. Recently I bought my own nutribullet and have been making my own smoothies. I have been doing my own for about a week now and have experienced horrible horrible headaches post drinking. I usually include a mix of spinach, several fruits and then either chia seed or flax seed – mixed with water.

    I’m confused because the juices didnt cause any side effects at all but my own homemade smoothes seem to be doing me more harm than good. My energy level etc has been great but the headaches are unbearable. I actually still have a bit of a headache and its been 2 days since my last smoothie.

    I should also add that I ate very few fruits and veggies prior to this (though like I said I did do the juices a couple of weeks leading up to making my own).

    If anyone has any insight that they could share I would appreciate it! Thank you.

    • I should also add that I am not trying to detox….I simply incorporated the smoothie into my normal diet. Im just hoping to increase my energy level and overall well being.

      • Normally the headaches will go away :)
        Often people who go to more healthy eating experience weird symptoms. It should get better. If not, then you have to find out what the cause is.

  59. Hi There

    Thanks so much for your article. I just started taking green smoothies and i felt so sick and nauseous so i decided to google it and your article came up.

    I am going to stick with it and hopefully the detoxing effect will be over soon. I will also lessen the green in my smoothie as i was doing 3 parts green, 2 parts fruit. Might just do half half instead. Hopefully i can get over this nauseating feeling!

  60. I have been drinking a very healthy whey protein drink twice daily, sometimes with a few strawberries. I use almond milk and some coconut milk. For dinner I have a small amount of meat, sweet potato or quinoa with veggies and salad. I have been doing this for months, and have lost about 6 pounds. My daughter suggested I start adding green juice, so I did. My drinks sometime consist of kale, some spinach, a little beet or carrot, celery or cucumber. I have also used parsley. I did not change anything except adding the green juice, and after a week, I got so sick I was in bed for 4 days with cold sweats, aches and pain, everywhere, migraine headaches, weakness, and uncontrollable diarrhea. I had to stop all food and drink only water and tea during this time, I was so hungry I ate some quinoa here and there and plain yogurt. I have come around some, but I am still experiencing nausea and diarrhea. When should I start up the green juice again, and how can I avoid these extreme detox symptoms?

    • Hi Dianne, You shouldn’t have these reactions to green juice. Is it possible you caught a bug? Whey protein is derived from dairy sources, so I don’t recommend it. I’d recommend seeing your doctor if it doesn’t go away and start with a really small amount of green juice. I’m tempted to think it is not the green juice but you want to stop everything until you feel well. Also, make sure you wash the produce really well.

    • Diana,
      Is it possible you were not in great health before? I’d check with your physician but a severe detox if you were not in good healthy may be radical, but it also sounds like you could have had a change, your immune system was iffy with the lighter detox and you got sick.. check with a doc but keep your electrolytes and fluids going!

  61. Hello Sara,

    I’ve been drinking one green smoothie a day since January. If I take 10 days off or so, and start back up again after, will my body detox again? or is it still used to it from all the time prior to the 10 days that I drank the smoothies?

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi! Usually with that short amount of time no…we’re talking months or years (but varies widely depending on person).

  62. hi!
    My son and I have been doing green smoothies for a while now, I love them and really look forward to them in the morning. I was seeing a really expensive practitioner each week to treat my joints for soreness, and generally feeling like I was running on one cylinder.I had low energy and low iron and as it has done on and off for years, my hair was dry and falling out and my nails were really weak. It’s been less than a couple of weeks since we first started, got through the initial nausea and headaches, but amazingly, my hair stopped falling out, my nails are stronger than I can ever remember and best of anything, I can open a jar or a bottle without worrying I might break my hand- joint pain is gone.. Do you think these changes can be attributed to Green Smoothies even given that we’ve only been doing them less than 2 weeks? If so, I’m a convert for life- what a miracle!

    • Yes, absolutely. I love to hear this stuff!! Keep up the good work. :-)

  63. Hi I did green smoothies only for 5 days. Felt great. Since then I have eaten a small amount of meat but kept up the whole foods a lot. I drink close to 2 liters of smoothie a day. For the first week. I felt unreal. Since then iv started feeling a little tired. I’m wondering if the the hype of a new thing has worn off or if its possible that I am still well and truly in detox. Keeping in Mind that befor I started green smoothies I never ate any veges and honestly ate very unhealthy. Mainly suger, deep fried food and no fruits or vege.
    I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Thanks heaps!!

    • Hi Hayden, Fatigue is a major detox symptom. Often people do falter at this stage since when we are tired we want to eat and usually junk food.

      To regain your motivation, I’d make sure to plan your meals in advance (so do the technical work a little in advance to make sure you’re not hungry), as well as watch some inspiring movies like Fat Sick, Nearly Dead or Forks Over Knives or Simply Raw. I find motivation like this is really helpful. As well, try to take a moment to do an inquiry into what is holding you back (are you not planning things, do you have excessive stress? etc).

      Hope this helps,

  64. So I’ve been doing the green smoothies for about 2 weeks and lost 15 pounds, but for the past 4 days I’ve kind of got caught up and went back to my old eating habits. What should I do to get back on track? Is this it for me?

    • Hey Isaac, Great job on your new regiment!
      Rather than go on and on about health and food, let me give a list if insights which WILL work for you:
      1. Make them drinkable – No matter how healthy the shake is, if it doesn’t taste good than it will become mind over matter, and matter will win in the end. Believe me the strongest of regiments, end in gluttony.
      Tips, load it with veggies and blueberries, and add some vanilla protein powder and a small spoonful of Organic peanut butter. I’m able to fit 4 cups of kale from the garden , and a handful of spinach this fashion, and never taste any of the greens. Control your taste buds, not your brain.
      2. Its okay to have fat in your shake! In fact I encourage it! without fat/milkfat almond milk, even soy; all those expensive vitamins aren’t going to stick, and you’ll be peeing out all your money and vitamins.
      3. As a male your most important energy food is protein. Eat as much white meat as you want to suppress those hunger pangs. All the green smoothies in the world, won;t help you loose weight without the help of protein. It’s the basic building block of life. I’ve gone on protein regiments with green smoothies, and ate as much as I wanted and watched the pounds drop day after day.
      4, Consistency is everything, humans are habit forming creatures. In fact our life expectancy goes up the more of a routine you have. Missing one shake, will turn into a week without shakes, then next thing you know you’re back where you started.

      5. Easy on the fruit, yes they hide the greens, but too much (even superfood fruits!) will spike your blood sugar, give you headaches, and a sense of an uncomfortable feeling under your skin. Pick a new fruit each, day, or if you must, add all those fruits in VERY small doses. Although its natural sugar, your body doesn’t know the different between natures sugar and high fructose, other than its addictive properties!

      6. Fill the rest of your day with foods like white meat, celery, and raw kale. These foods require more calories to digest them than they actually contain. Eat as much as you want, and you’ll loose wieght. I promise you. Just be careful of meats with high cholesterol, sodium, and of course nasty nitrates.

      7. This is the most important advice I can give you; Your body will never be the same again. Yes if you go back to your old ways, you will gain this weight back with a blink of an eye. I was able to eat whatever and whenever I wanted and my metabolism would keep me around the same weight (210 lbs). I went on a regiment for 4 months, and lost 30 pounds. In one week of going back to normal (thinking I worked hard, I can get away with it…..10lbs one week! My body will never handle food the same again (and happily so)
      This is a lifestyle decision. Not that you can;t have cake again, but you’ll have responsibility over your actions and will think twice before you dive, and if you do.. its okay, just pick yourself back up get back into the routine… You will now actually feel the effects of the bad foods when you eat them from now on now that your receptors are firing, and you can feel your body again!

      Also -When you get the urge to eat, stuff your face with WHITE meat, and get creative with seasoning and sauces (if you have to)
      If you absolutely have to eat those Doritos at night, by all means eat them, but know that every bite could have an effect on your diet and results, most likely you’ll put down the bag, before you used to, knowing all the hard work you put into it.
      Good Luck, here if you have any questions at all…

  65. Hi! OK so I have been wanting a vitamix and to get into smoothies and get healthier… about 40 days ago I stopped sugar and it was great. I’m a therapist (mental health) and knew the benefits of a clean (strong, non-leaky)gut and mood… and wanted to practice what I preached.

    So I get the vitamix about 8 days ago, and for the last 6 days have been making smoothies once a day. I drink about 16-20 oz in a shot, over about an hour (I enjoy it, garden, do errands with it, read etc)…
    My normal mix that I like is (starting light so not even dark heavy lettuce families yet) Spring Baby greens (some is very dark/purple though), celery (one stalk), one apple, about 5 slices of cucumber, a small handful of blueberries, a small handful of raspberries, about three tablespoons of plain organic yogurt and about a cup of ice.
    Mix to smooth (or near it) and sip away.
    I should mention though I put in the past, a half attempt of eating more veggies and fruit, it often fell short. The vitamix was a way to do this and heal my GI system as that’s where my stress goes, when I have it.

    If you get grossed out easy, don’t read further :p

    So the BMs have been different .. packed but looser? At first, soon after first smoothie, about an hour or so it seemed to get things moving…then about four days ago, I started with a THROBBING headache. Not much energy. Thought it was viral until I started reading this thread. Oh and I also have been breaking out, and my tongue looks a bit like it is wearing a white fur coat.
    Yesterday started with bloating and gas and was constipated.
    Today, nothing but bloat until this evening at 10 PM… explosive bowel movement that I thought was the big “D” as it felt like water also “shot out”.. well, when I looked it was a little “D” but oddly, a somewhat formed BM also… ????
    I have only had one smoothie a day, for health… but didn’t assume it would be a detox IF this is what this is?

    Does any of this sound out of the ordinary? Should I be worried?
    What should I expect (timewise) and should I stop or cut down? I do feel great if I didn’t have (this sounds funny to write) the headaches, fatigue, gurgling stomach, BM issues, and new acne.
    I ALSO should mention I have had two massages in the past two weeks and my menses is a little off as well.. I swear it is off (just a few extra days spotting) because my system is changing! (just had bloodwork, hormones are normal)
    I’m 45, female … if that matters.

  66. hi — i stumbled upon your site when looking for guidance on my current cleanse. i am working towards a 21 day green smoothie cleanse, today is day 9. an unexpected luncheon has been scheduled for monday at work at a restaurant … what do i do to participate (required) without destroying my progress?

  67. Hi, I just started drinking green smoothies yesterday and felt immediately very vibrant as if I had TOO MUCH energy! I almost felt hyper and this caused alot of anxiety. I felt slightly crazy but more alert than I had been in AGES! I have been hypoglycemic in the past year. Do you think there is any link between the two as I hadn’t consumed enough protein? Just wondering how I could have felt too much energy that was making me feel so crazy????!!!!!

    • I’m not sure but with hypocglycemia, you want to make sure you don’t overdo the fruit content. Try a veg based smoothie instead. There is a good amount of protein in green smoothies. If you want a bit more than add a protein powder like Sunwarrior.

      It normal to feel a burst of energy with green smoothies!

  68. OMG I wish I had found this site a week ago. I did not experience the nausea and the boast of energy was instant (or maybe it was a mind thing), but after a week of having a shake twice a day, the detox is coming on hot and heavy. Gas, lots and lots of gas. Bloating too. But I’m not giving up. I am enjoying finding recipes and improvising to make them my own. Even my 8 year old is enjoying this new journey with me. Most importantly, as a type 1 diabetic I an experiencing lower and more manageable glucose levels.

  69. Hi there,
    I’m wanting to use these smoothies as a form of weight loss. I want to lose about 2 stone. If I use these smoothies as a form of meal replacement, drinking three a day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) how quickly do you think I will see the effects?
    Thank you!

  70. Hi so I have a question, so I have been drinking green smoothies for a few weeks now, Most of my smoothie is fruit, I add spinach and brussels sprouts too. I am not nauseous but I have a dizzy feeling in my head. Is what I am feeling part of the detox?

  71. Are anxiety, racing heart, lightheadedness etc part of the detoxification?
    I’m having two cups of green smoothie in the morning, first week I felt really great with a lot of energy, after the first week I started having anxiety attacks, which I didn’t have in years.

    • Lightheadedness is yes a definite detox symptom. Anxiety is another since food can be quite emotional, however racing heart not generally. If it persists please see your doctor.

  72. I have a question. I’m doing a green smoothie for breakfast everyday, along with a enzymatic herbal liver cleanse(pills), and all around healthier diet. Is that too much? Im feeling the detox symptoms for sure.

  73. I’ve been doing the “ggs” for all week now. I started breaking out every where on my face. I’ve been lucky enough to only get slight breakouts, only around “that time” of the month. That is how I found this website. Searching if the ggs is what is causing the breakouts. So this is more than likely what is causing me to breakout so badly? The toxins releasing from my body? Thanks!!

    • Yes, my advice cannot replace that of your doctors but please note breakouts are a common detox side effect.

    • Did your skin get back to normal, Robin? Thanks!

  74. I’ve been on green smoothies for 3 months now. I like to use frisee, lettuce, kale, cilantro, parsley, thai basil, dandelion, gota kolu and watercress in my smoothies (not all at once – usually just a couple of types of greens, but I use about 3 cups of them.)I cover it with a lot of filtered water I also add a whole lemon, and tumeric. Then I add a cup of berries. Since I got my vita mix, I collect frozen berries: sea buckthorn, chokecherry, lingon, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry. I find the frozen ones are cheaper than fresh and keep better and are probably almost as good for me. Other things I may add are dried wolf berries, leftover tea, honey, limes, oranges, kiwis, bok choy, vanilla, raw cocoa…I am really enjoying them. In fact, I was wondering if it could be addictive (in a good way) It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work. I kind of crave them. I have lost interest in eating junk food completely! Trouble is, I think I have actually GAINED weight, even though I stopped eating cookies, crackers, candy, dairy, wheat. And I ususally don’t eat anything after I have my drink in the evening (about 630) I do make about a litre and a half – and from time to time I add a spoonful of olive or cocnut oil depending on my diet from the rest of the day – a little fat to help absorb the vitamins. I sprout oats, buckwheat and sesame and have 1/4 cup of that for breakfast with 3/4 cup thawed berries, and big mixed veggie salad for lunch with sprouted and soaked nuts and a couple of pieces of essene bread, with almond butter most days. I feel energeticand my skin seems to shine, but my belly is getting round like a buddha – is that from eating raw and will it go away after a while if I keep it up?

    • Hi Anonymous, Congrats for making these great healthy changes. If you are looking to lose weight than really make sure you are limiting fatty foods (not completely) but keep a close eye on it, only until you get to your goal weight.

      Things like nuts, healthy oils, and even avocados are amazing, however, use them sparingly for short term (ensure no more than 2 tsp per large vitamix size smoothie. As well, you’ll be amazed to see raw cacoa is naturally quite high in fat as well, so to be avoided in large quantities (and yes it is also addictive due to high caffeine levels – I’d recommend carob powder instead).

      If this doesn’t work, another idea is to eliminate sugar for a short time – this can have amazing weight loss results, simply because it cuts out most junk foods and also our bodies tend to respond to sugar elimination with weight loss. Please keep us posted and let me know how you’re doing.

  75. Some very nice information here about detoxing. I’ve been doing green smoothies for years as a body “spring cleaning” and have had my share of symptoms. This year it was flu-like symptoms with head and body aches, and feeling tired and sleeping more for a few days, then it passed. Now I have the metallic taste in my mouth and for a bit thought my water filter in the frige was not working, but soon realized it’s just me and was happy to know I was doing a good job of detoxing. Besides the smoothies I am also eating about 80% raw overall and will stay on this program into summer. Maybe longer, as I think I am ready for that now that we are empty nesters.

    The scariest thing that happened when I went all raw for a few weeks was having my first ever gal bladder attack. A search of the web showed I was eating too many vegetable that irritate the gallbladder such as onions, cabbage and cauliflower. Simply cutting back on those and adding cucumber to my smoothies and making raw beet salad has kept me from ever having a repeat of that unpleasant experience.

    • Great to hear, Dee. Keep up the great work!

  76. Thank you for this information. I have been juicing for about 3 months. Usually a big 16oz glass of Chard, cucumber, carrots, parsley, cilantro, celery, and chia seeds and spiralina. Then I’d juice a quart of grapefruit juice and take that with me and drink it through out the day. (all of this is organic) I’ve been having some feelings of dizziness, headaches, some intestinal upset, fatigue on and off but nothing really significant. Then a few days ago, I got really sick with diarrhea, gas, upset stomach and severe depression quite badly. I couldn’t figure out why I am getting so sick from this. I knew I would be detoxing be didn’t think it would be this severe. Then I found this site and started realizing I must have lots of detoxing to do. Three months ago I had just stopped a diet of all sugary sweets, and junk food. A six pack of diet pepsi a day. Not to mention I have gained more than 55 pounds in the last 3 years. Mostly all of this along with severe depression, muscle and joint pain, and severe exhaustion. Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy. I went through 3 months of chemotherapy, and then a year long therapy of Herceptin. All poison. Then the junk food and diet Pepsi since then.
    So finally I was feeling so much better and so excited with the raw organic juicing and replacing my diet Pepsi addiction with pure grapefruit juice. I just couldn’t figure why I was feeling so horrible and I almost threw my juicer in the trash and wanted to go out and buy a big bag of candy.
    So I am going to slow down and try again. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this. Plus, keep looking for ways of making it taste better. It literally is gagging to drink. So any ideas and comments are welcome. I’ll keep trying.

    • Hi Coldstreak, First of all, congratulations for being a thriving cancer survivor – you deserve huge kudos for your courage!

      I don’t doubt that you are still detoxing. As well, I don’t doubt that your drink is making you feel a bit sick. In terms of spirulina, I’d advise chlorella right now. There are some studies that indicate chlorella is the only green supplement without contamination of some toxins. You can get this in tablet or powder form.

      For the green juice recipes, please see this one: it’s my go-to and tastes delicious. One note: lemon is the key to making green juice delicious.

      Lemony Green Juice

      This juice packs a powerful punch of vegetables but you can
      barely taste the greens – wonderful to give
      to your kids as “lemonade”.

      1 large English Cucumber or two smaller field cucumbers
      3 to 4 stalks of celery
      1 head romaine lettuce
      4-5 large kale leaves (as you grow accustomed to taste, increase amount of kale)
      1 to 2 green apples
      1” piece of gingerroot
      1 lemon

      The very best of luck and please come back to keep us up to date with your progress.

  77. Hi,

    I’m really grateful for having found your site. I was starting to get serious doubts about continuing my green smoothies. I have started more than 2 weeks ago. I started out lightly on the greens (spinach, sorrel, arugula, carrot tops, parsley, celery leaves, romaine lettuce, dandelion or whatever it is I had at home). Since initially I am a fruit and vegetable person – but not necessarily a vegetarian nor am I on raw foods – I thought I’d increase the amount of the greens at a slightly quicker pace. So I am now at around 50-50 % with the fruit vegetable ratio. In the past few days the vegetables might have gotten a bit higher than 50%. At first when I got to this ratio I had no problems. The taste was stronger but that I did not mind. I have about 1 quart throughout the day. In the past few days I started feeling just a bit nauseous after the second cup. Lasted an hour or so and wasn’t unbearable. Then I started feeling really run down and beat. Felt tired and wasn’t up to doing much but resting. Whereas I was under the impression that once you start drinking smoothies you feel better with every passing day.
    My reason for starting green smoothies is because I accidently came across Victoria Boutenko’s book: Green for Life. Plus I have a garden with many types of fruit trees and also a vegetable garden. So I figured why not. I have all or at least most of the ingredients. What a perfect match. What I do not have I can find at my local farmer’s market or maybe my neighbors might have something I need that I don’t have.
    The book is very well written with much detail for better understanding. What I do not understand is why such important information is left out about possible detoxing effects in the beginning. I mean if anyone has ever gone through the ordeal of serious detoxicating they know that there are side effect, in fact very unpleasant ones. Drinking green smoothies according to Boutenk’s book is something very pleasant and lifting to your mind and spirit and great for your health. But no mention about minor or the slightest unpleasant side effects.
    So here I am all relieved now – thanks to this site – that it’s not all up..up..up when you start to drink green smoothies. Hope that in a few days or weeks I too will start to feel a lot better and elevated from the intake of all the delicious and healthy greens.
    If anyone has doubts, don’t give up!!!!

    Thank you for hearing me out.
    With kind regards,

    • I’m so happy to hear Gaby! It’s inspiring to see so many people like you hopping on board. One of my central missions is to prove that you don’t have to be “raw” to enjoy all the benefits. :-)

  78. Just found your site…great info. I used to drink the naked green smoothies but they are expensive so I’ve decided to make my own. I don’t feel the detox effects yet but I used a very equal amount of spinach cucumbers and strawberries….it was delicious….I do have this feeling in the back if my throat like I have to throw up but that’s it, I figured it was from the smoothie….I eat a lot iffish, salmon mostly and veggies for dinner…I hit the gym about 4 times a week and really wanna stay with this smoothie detox, my aunt does it and I always wondered why she called it a detox….reading this has helped me to know what my body is going to go through…..I plan on having a smoothie with breakfast and at night before I work out…I will slowly increase the green intake now that I know what it can do…..thanx for the info.

  79. I started my spinach smoothie which made me very dizzy. I continued last week Thursday and then again last Sunday. This drink has made me very upset and sick to my stomach. It is a week later and I still feel the same way. The dizziness has gone somewhat. Can you help me here? I have to force myself to do anything because of my sick feeling.

    • Hi Judy, How much green smoothie are you consuming and how much spinach are you adding? What else are you adding? Generally speaking, you want to either reduce the amount of spinach in it or also just drink a cup or so of smoothie if it has a lot of spinach. The less green you consume the less detox effects you will have. Also, consider trying kale in small amounts instead of the spinach. As your body gets used to it you can add more but start with less greens. You do want to lessen this feeling because simply starting green smoothies shouldn’t mean you are waylaid for over a week with the intense detox side effects.

  80. I’m relieved to find that green smoothies can cause the symptoms I’m experiencing. I’ve had headaches, stiff neck, fatigue and just overall achiness for the past week or any other time I’ve tried it. Its hard to persevere! I’m wondering though, if green drinks just stir the toxins up but don’t actually get them eliminated very effectively. Is there something to add to the smoothie that would help bind the toxins together to get rid of them ? I’ve also experienced the same symptoms when increasing the number of apples I’ve eaten. Can the increased ingestion of apples cause a detox-like reaction as well? Thanks for taking my questions. It’s comforting to talk to someone who gets it!

    • Last week I asked about apples causing detox symptoms. I have had severe reactions to green drinks which included raw apples, every time I’ve tried them in the past year. Today I discovered that I have a food sensitivity to apples! Who knew that would be possible? My chiropractor muscle tested me this morning, confirming it. Eveything else I put in the green drink tested out fine. Apples appear to cause, at least in my system, inflammation to my gallbladder which sends out a general inflammatory response to my body…stiff neck, headache, stuffy sinuses and fatigue; some of the same detox symptoms you describe as common.

      So here’s my question, what would you suggest that I use as a substitute for apples? Would organic pear be a good choice or maybe agave to sweeten it a bit?

  81. Hi. I started drinking green smoothies 3 days ago. I drink 12-16 ounces as a breakfast replacement. I’ve been putting in about 2 cups of kale, a banana, a green apple and a handful of strawberries plus 2 cups of water. Tastes great. Do you think my ratio of greens to fruit is good or should I be using less fruit? I don’t seem to be having any of the detox issues that many others have commented on. Thanks!

    • It sounds great. There is no reason to worry if you have no detox symptoms. It’s really different for everyone. :-)

  82. Hi,

    I just started juicing/blender yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. But today, I started my morning off with two 8 ounce cups of green smoothie, which carried me over to lunch time. I then added dark chia seeds, cucumbers and parsley to my smoothie, which still tasted wonderful. But about 15 minutes later I got a huge headache (which I did not expect) and it’s still pounding. I’ve been eating a lot of raw foods for almost two months now and I’ve never gotten a headache from it. Yesterday was my first day and I had 3-8 ounce drinks of smoothies and no headaches.

    Is it the new ingredients or just the detox starting in my body? Here is whats in my smoothie.

    kale, spinach, romaine, apple, orange, dark chia, parsley, cucumber, broccoli, red,yellow,orange peppers, flax seed, and water.

    Thanks for the help,


    • Hi PJ, A headache is one of the most common detox symptoms. Hoorah for eating lots of raw foods prior but the greens are much more concentrated in smoothies and juices, so I’d say it’s totally normal. Plus, you have a lot of veg, which will often detox you faster than if you added more fruit (if you like the taste though – stick with it!). My advice cannot replace that of your doctor’s though, so if it persists, please see her/him. Make sure to not overdo the chia by the way (at first), no more than 2-3 tsps (or less), since it’s really high in fibre.

      • Thanks! No headache today, but I only drank one green smoothie today, which I think is better for me then three drinks in one day since it’s only day three for me. I may have half a cup before bedtime and see how that goes, but I slept wonderful last night and I feel really good now! Thanks so much Sarah~

  83. I made a green drink with spinach, celery, avocado, tofu, mango and almond milk. It tasted like thick disgusting salad dressing. Any suggestions for improving the taste?

  84. I have had three Green Smoothies in the last three days and now I’ve had diarrhea for a full day, like losing sleep because when it strikes, it strikes. The smoothie consisted of blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, mixed greens, almond milk and a touch of whey.

    • Hi Ted, You may be adding too many chia seeds, they are highly fibrous and can cause this. As well, take a look at how much you’re consuming and perhaps cut back a bit and amp it up over a couple weeks. :-) Digestive changes are completely natural but you don’t want them so bad you’re not getting sleep.

  85. Thank you for this informative article and the resulting discussion. I’ve been a green smoothie drinker for over 2 years and have seen many health benefits. Recently, I had a painful bout with kidney stones. Many sights suggest removing spinach from the diet, which I hesitate to do. Do you know the underlying cause of kidney stones? Can too much spinach and other calcium-rich greens contribute to the problem? The stones were analyzed to be calcium in content, not due to uric acid. I appreciate any recommendation you might suggest. Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy, The debate over spinach is an unproven one and, in my opinion, highly suspicious. I do strongly believe, however, kale is a much better choice nutritionally than spinach, since we can absorb the iron. I wrote a detailed article about the issue here: Best of luck!

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  87. Hey! are you talking about juicing raw fruits and vegetables or blending? Because i want to start a 10 day detox by blending vegetables and fruit, i was wondering is it fine to just blend and drink kale shakes 3 to 4 times a day or can you only detox by juicing it ?

  88. Hi Ryan,

    I’ve been juicing/blending for almost 1 full month now. I only use our blender, and did not purchase a juicer. I started out drinking 100% of the pulp, but the last two weeks, I decided the pulp was getting a little tough to get down, so I started straining the bulk of it. I just use our wire, pasta strainer and it works great. I still get pulp in my drink, but it’s no longer a thick, smoothie. I use a lot of different greens and just a small amount of fruit in my drink. I’m big on spinach, so that is the bigger part of my smoothie. Spinach, celery, carrots, kale, cucumber, peaches(or any fresh fruit laying around) bok choy, & other mixed greens. I also add some chia seeds, and flax seed. When using a regular blender, make sure to add water to the bottom of the mixer first, as it helps to chop/blend stuff up. I’ve lost weight and feel so much better from my green juicing. My intent wasn’t for weight loss, but to be healthier and make a change in my food intake. I work out 6 days a week, and use to have to down some gel packs & sports drinks, or supplements to give me that extra boost during my workouts. I know longer have to do that, I stopped the 1st day of my juicing. I could not believe the amount of natural energy I had, just from the green juicing. Anyway, my body is changing again, getting toner, lighter and much healthier. I’m addicted to juicing now and drink a large cup every morning when I get up, then I usually have 1-2 more during the day just because it makes me feel better. Sleep is great and everything is better. Good luck Ryan!

  89. What a wonderful website! It has been SOOOOO helful. I may have given up in my first few days if I hadn’t found this site!

    I am experiencing major fatigue and need some advice regarding blood sugar as well. I drink two 24oz smoothies a day to replace breakfast and lunch, each about 50-60% greens (I am on day 7). I rotate kale, spinach, and mixed greens and use all kinds of fruits like peaches, berries, banana, apricots, etc. I add protein powder and flax to my breakfast smoothie (RAW Protein) and chia or hemp protein to my lunch smoothie. I also exercise at least 4 times a week and drink lots of water. I rarely have any dairy as I am lactose-intolerant.

    I had some cold-like symptoms and nausea for the first few days and am glad that went away, but I am SO, SO tired all of the time, I cannot function! My head is cloudy and I’m so tired and irritable, almost like I have high or low blood sugar (and I don’t think I do, especially since I make sure I have protein and avoid sugar besides the 40-50% fruit in my smoothies).

    Anyway, I am on day 7 and I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED most of the day, but unbearably so after 2pm. I put RAW Meal protein powder in my smoothie in the morningI am worried that if I cut back on the smoothies to just drinking one for breakfast or lunch, I will eat poorly and get off track! It has been so easy to just have a smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch, but I can’t think and I’m so miserably tired! I’ve tried eating a regular lunch and doing the smoothies at breakfast and dinner, but I feel the same amount of fatigue!

    Do you think this could be an issue with blood sugar or classic detox?
    I do have sensitive blood sugar; before the green smoothies, I would eat (incl. protein) every 3 hours to manage it, so I am worried that if I increase the fruit and decrease the greens, I will get low blood sugar an hour after the smoothie. What do you think??? Thank you!!

    • It sound like regular detox but if you have blood sugar issues want to check with your doctor probably if this is persisting. It never hurts just to make sure things are fine.

  90. I am so glad I read this. I got a Blendtec from a close friend that wanted me to start eating better and more healthy. I read about green smoothies and started with 1 big handful spinach, 1 of Kale, one green apple, one banana, one large handful blueberries, some frozen fruit mix of pineapple strawberry and mango, one scoop Alive Ultra-Shake with pea protein, and a decent pour of almond milk.

    The smoothie tastes so good I couldn’t believe it!!!! I was in love, for a minute. Hahahaha Then the headache, nausea, small various inside pains, even sweat, hahahahahaha. This was fairly abrupt about an hour after I drank my first part.

    In the Marines we learned pain is weakness leaving the body, so onward I pushed. I drank my next two glasses over about 5 hours total from the time I blended it. I figured it must be doing something right because everything I put in it was good so I will obviously get something good out.

    I never had any real diarrhea from the smoothies, just a change in frequency and moderate consistency. But I did feel the detox effects I’m reading above. I’m on day three now and it is a little better plus I can feel the energy all this stuff is giving me. This morning I was considering stopping the smoothies until I read all the posts from these wonderful people.

    I will push on!!! I can see a better and healthier me on the other side of this detox phase for sure. Today I also added apricots and a couple thin slices from a ginger root. I am dialing this in and this has helped me understand why I am feeling some of the things I am experiencing.

    My question, can drinking these smoothies have effects on my emotions or that type of stuff?

    • Hi Cecil,

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying all those great fruits and veggies. I’m on week 6 for juicing, but I haven’t done the same type of smoothie/juicing your doing. I use only water for my liquid, and I’ve never used a protein mix in my juice either. Not sure if that is playing any part with your emotions or not, but I’m sure someone else, more knowledge than myself can help you out. I have not experienced any different emotions, but I am sleeping so much better now and my energy level is amazing. I hope someone else will reply to you soon, and good luck with your juicing/smoothies! :)

    • Hi Cecil, You’ve got one amazing friend – that’s quite a gift. Yes, detox definitely affects us on an emotional level – absolutely. Something about change – even good change – the body (especially our emotions) resists. The emotional stuff should even out sooner than later, depending on how quickly you’re detoxing.

      I’ll preface this by saying my advice cannot replace that of your doctors, so if at any time you feel sick, please visit him or her.

      Are you doing a 100% green smoothie detox? If yes, this may explain why you’re having so many symptoms. I will say, though, it’s peculiar to me that you’d have so many detox symptoms less than an hour after consumption (especially the cramps,sweats, etc).

      If they have subsided than you may be fine but I might recommend you ensure that you are not reacting to one of the ingredients, like the protein powder or the almond milk. The easiest way to do this is to try the most basic of smoothie – just mango, spinach and water.

      Then, if you’re fine, add one ingredient at a time with each subsequent smoothie to ensure that your body is not reacting to one ingredient. It could just be a matter of changing protein powder (Sunwarrior is my favourite).

      Also, sounds really basic but make sure you’ve thoroughly washed all your produce, even if it says, “pre-washed” on the package.

      This is not to panic you but just to say that overall, cramping an hour after consumption is not a “usual” detox side effect, so I just want to be extra sure (unless it’s a really vast quantity). Although if it’s getting better than likely no need to worry. If at any time you feel sick, please go to your doctor.

      Hope this helps and keep up the good work!


  91. Great information!! I started, not so much for detoxification (although I’m sure that will be one of the greatest benefits!), but much more with the intent of losing weight, ensuring I get more than enough of the vegetables/fruits I need daily that I currently do not consume, and getting back to a more healthy lifestyle; food and exercise. My very first (honestly!) green smoothie ever, just two days ago, was a mixture (a handful) of kale, spinach, bok choy and chard. For fruits I added a whole apple, banana, and water with orange flavoring (about two cups). I don’t use orange juice like many do because most of the OJ I found has too much sugar, so I use bottled water and mix the “Morning Rise” orange flavoring found at Walmart. It gives the taste of orange juice yet has 100% Vitamin C, and ZERO cals/carbs, etc. I must say the first smoothie was thick, very veggie tasting (probably due to my lack of eating vegetables prior to this), and did cause a little stomach nausea, but I knew it was good for me and I needed it, so down it went!! :)

    After two days of green smoothies (about 64oz a day), mixing up the greens with the aforementioned but also parsley, celery, and different fruit such as frozen peaches, strawberries, black and blueberries, the results have been positive and promising. I felt a little bloated the first day (think my body was shocked at what was passing thru!! haha), and felt a bit fatigued which confused me because I thought drinking green smoothies was supposed to make me feel “energized”, but continued on and have made the decision to have green smoothies a part of my daily routine. I’m hoping the fatigue will subside and I’ll begin to feel the energy that I know is coming, but I guess this period of cleansing my body causes different side effects. Your opinion??

    I actually look forward to getting up, making me a blender full of green smoothie and taking it to work with me. My recipe for a truly good-tasting smoothie has yet to be perfected (what do you suggest??), because the veggie taste is still a bit overwhelming. I usually put about four handfuls of vegetables and less fruit, and I know this is because I want the benefits of eating greens, but I guess I’ll have to add more fruit in order to overcome the alkaline taste. I really appreciate your web site, blog, and will continue to post and encourage others to make the decision to get more greens in their daily diet. Thanks and have a good day!!


    • Thanks so much, Nate and congrats for this journey you’ve embarked on. Yes, indeed fatigue is a major detox side-effect. You’ll have boundless energy shortly, so keep up the good work :-) I have a video on the right hand side bar for my favourite green smoothie, Strawberry Mint Mango. Start there. Looking forward to hearing from you again – thanks for the compliments too.

  92. Juicer,juicer,juicer not blender.
    Basic for green juice :Apple,Lemon,Ginger -then then rest of veg and fruits like celeriac,broccoli,parsley ,dill,cucumber,orange,green apple,red apple,deep green lettuce but few lives because is too bitter ,spinach .Don’t mix milk couse milk is like virus for body.Don’t mix bananas .No honey because this is extra sugar.Between drinking juice fruits and veges can be eaten like peaches,oranges ,clementines,apples ,carrots etc but stay away from bananas.Peaches this time a year the best ,so sweet with lot of energy.Drink or eat every time You feel hungry.Changes in your gastrointestinal system possible(like diarrhea, bloating, more frequent bowel movements, smelly gas)but this is the symptom of detox for first few days.Just try to press in juices more this or that to make Your own testy juice ,but color still must be green.Thank You for Your attention :)Enjoy

    • Hi Derek, Yes, I always tell me clients that a blend of juices and smoothies throughout the week is best. None superior than the other. If you are healing form cancer, of course, juices better while you heal with smoothies sometimes. For otherwise healthy people I recommend smoothies first and supplement with juices a few times a week.

  93. I live in Nigeria and have been on a detox greens and fruit diet for 5days now. It is meant to be a 2-3wks one but I don’t think I can handle past 2wks. I have just come out of a not so good bout of malaria and then straight to the green juice..I am having symptoms that feel like malaria is still with me – ie headaches, chills, slight nausea and tired. Guess that maybe just the detox at work..can’t wait for the feelgood energy factor to kick in. Right now it is the opposite.

  94. Two weeks ago I started drinking green smoothies … (collards, kale, baby spinach, peach, banana, pineapple with 2 tbs of flax meal) various combinations drinking anywhere from 3-4 quarts per day.

    I am chalking off the headaches and fatigue to detox but wondered if anyone has ever had intense joint pain (hips, knees and lower back). I am not taking medicine for it (trying to “clean” my body and didn’t want to add anything artificial to it).

    I am not the “epitome” of health (kidney stones, type II Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticuli, etc…) which is what “drove” me to green smoothies … wanting HEALTH and HEALING for my body …

    I was on a ridiculous amount of prescription drugs for the past 7 years … and have recently started getting rid of them (not feeling any better on them so why not …:/ ) . Didn’t know if maybe the joint pain would be coming from the amount of meds in my body being flushed out via green smoothies …

    Any thoughts would be helpful … just didn’t know if I just need to “suck it up” and wait for the light at the end of the tunnel … or call a doctor.

    • Hi Dawn, Congrats on your health journey. I would definitely see a doctor just to make sure everything is ok. I have, however, heard of joint pain on detoxes, and this can sometimes it indicate you need to take calcium supplements, so please just get the once over from your doctor to make sure everything is in order. I don’t mean smoothies don’t cause joint pain but any detox will help our bodies to heal what needs to be healed so it can sometimes indicate an underlying problem but keep up the great work! Hope this helps, Sarah

  95. Hi, Glad I found this site. Today is day 3, of my green smoothies. I have been using 2 handful’s of kale or spinach, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds. I drink 1-2 of these per day. Also eating my usual meals (only a bit less). My stomach has handled it well, however I am so tired, I feel sick. Yesterday at work, people said how tired I looked. I awakened this morning still so tired, and and took a nap which ended up being for 5 hours. Wondering if something else is going on. Would you still have “detox” symptoms even if eating your usual diet ? When should I expect to feel better ?

    • Hi Iris, Indeed you can still have detox symptoms even if you are eating other regular food. Especially with 2 smoothies per day, it will increase the chances. Just to make sure everything is ok, there is no harm in seeing your doctor, and I would encourage you to. However, it is also completely normal in healthy people to feel very tired. As your body is detoxing, rest is what helps our bodies repair. It should feel better for you between days 3-4 usually, although differs with many people. Of course, my advice cannot replace that of your doctor or nurses. You might also want to just taper down a bit of the amount of greens you are adding and slowly ramp up if it’s getting in the way of your normal activities. Best of luck on your health journey. Sarah

  96. I have been drinking smoothies for the last 8 days and since yesterday I have been so nauseated and tired. Before that I was juicing but not steady, a day here and there. Since the 10th when my hubby bought me a magic bullet I have been drinking green smoothies twice a day sometimes three, with no symptoms till yesterday. I made my smoothies like normal and took the first drink and it rolled my stomach. I have not had a smoothie since. Barely been eating, my stomach is sore like when you use your stomach muscles too much but am also nauseated. I am blending a big bunch of spinach with two bananas and water then freezing it in two ice cube trays and using 2-4 ice cubes per smoothie, along with ground flax seeds, ground almonds and then blackberries, blueberries, apples, nectarines or beets, only using one or two fruits with each smoothie, suggestions to get rid of the nauseated feeling?

    • Hi Melissa! Sounds like you are putting in a lot of greens to start, as well scale back (maybe completely) on the flax seeds just for now. Try starting out the simple way, with just fruit and greens. Aim for about 30% greens to start and scale up gradually over about 3 weeks. I think this should help it to be more gradual. If you start to feel unwell please see a doctor to rule out any flu, or other issue. Many people are quite surprised when they start drinking greens how much they detox. I hope this helps – keep up the good work :-)

  97. I have been drinking green smoothies for a few months and I have been feeling very good until recently.

    I am taking about 650ml of green smoothie (increasing in vege ratio to fruit ratio)…

    I realised that I get hungry easier even though I am drinking more smoothie and I feel v v tired.

    Have you encountered such thing?

    Hope to have some sharing…

    Thank you.


    • Hi Tane,

      I can’t help you fully unless I know other parts of your diet and life but what first strikes me is to just start experimenting with a protein powder. My favourite is a high quality raw one called SunWarrior (beware of cheap protein powders, also most hemp protein powder can have a bulky consistency).

      For some reason some of us just do a little better with a higher ratio of protein in them, if we are particularly busy or have a hectic lifestyle.

      You could also still be detoxing. The full detox process can last in many cases up to a year. And it is not a linear process (i.e. it doesn’t always happen at first). But you want to make sure it doesn’t persist so see your doctor if it does to rule out deficiency, etc.

      Give this a try and let us know how you feel!


  98. Hi Sarah,
    I am on day 2 of a 3 day green smoothie cleanse. My tom of the month cravings got out of control for 3 days earlier in this week, so I started the cleanse yesterday to hopefully get onto a better start. I am just wondering when I will actually start to ‘clean’ out my system? I was thinking it would be a lot faster than it’s been, but I have yet to go to the bathroom since starting. What are your thoughts?

    Thank you

    • Hi Holli, This all depend on how much you are having – is it just green smoothies?

      • I had a green smoothie throughout the day yesterday (each recipe makes 6 cups)and last night ate 1/2 a baked potato, 1/2 a large pork chop and green beans. Today I’ve just had day 2’s green smoothie, and was planning on having a small dinner tonight again. Do you want to know what ingredients are in each one.. would that help?

      • Hi Holli, Just like Abby, you likely have flooded your system with a lot of fibre, so imagine that it is slowly working it’s way through your system. Please read that reply as I think it also applies to you exactly.

        As well, if you want to enhance they cleanse even more, considering having a big salad and more detox oriented supper as well (like a sweet potato drizzled with tahini and baked, salad and salmon. Those are really excellent foods for cleansing, since they have a really fast transit time (they get through your colon quickly!), whereas pork and heavy meats stay in your colon for 2-3 days.

        But don’t mistake it – either way you’re doing a huge favour for yourself just adding the green smoothies. Hope this helps :-)

  99. Hi there!

    I’ve been vegetarian for about 3 years, and a few months ago went completely vegan. So, I generally eat pretty cleanly. And I regularly have one green smoothie a day.

    Today is my 4th day of doing mostly green smoothies. Snacking on nuts or fruit when I need to. I have mostly felt fine, but I noticed right away that my bowel movements were coming less frequently than normal. (On my normal diet, I usually go 2-3 times per day.) I am quite constipated now. I am drinking more water today, hoping that it helps move things along. Any other suggestions??

    • Hi Abby, Great news you made the full transition. This could be for several reason, so I’ll explain a few and as a disclaimer recommend you see your doctor if it gets worse. My advice cannot replace that of your doctors.

      I know it sounds funny but for some people, when they start flooding their systems with tonnes of fibre pretty quickly, constipation can occur. So you want to keep drinking the water, make sure you move (get out and walk or jump on a rebounder).

      But the simplest way is to simply start a bit slower, increase the amount of smoothie over the period of 3-4 weeks, so your gut gets used to all that fibre. What is happening is that the fibre is waking up lots of old encrusted junk in your colon, most likely. Even if you ate vegetarian for years, cheese etc can really be a culprit. Even being vegetarian, it is still pretty easy for most people to not get enough fibre.

      If you do want to stick to the 100% green smoothies, also a way to help move things along is to gently massage your lower colon when lying down. Also, psyllium husk fibre can help. Mix 1 tsp with water in the morning on an empty stomach. You really just want to open the floodgates and that should happen if you try some of these recommendations. Good luck!

      • Thanks so much!! I’ll try that!

  100. I just wanted to say that I am really interested in doing this challenge. I struggle with acne and have for years. Will this smoothie detox help?

    • Great, Jessica! Yes, absolutely skin is a major organ through which we detox and adopting a diet with more plant food and fibre (especially greens) can have amazing effects for skin. You may have to persist longer than 10 days and do a general makeover of your diet gradually (definitely attempt to eliminate dairy) but over time you’ll most likely notice a dramatic difference. Hope you join us to get started! Sarah

  101. Hello,
    I am trying my very first green smoothie right now as I am typing. I am reading all this comments about bloating and detoxing however I want to know about how much green smoothie should I drink to start off. I do not want to experience diarrhea and all these other symptoms. I want to loose weight by eating healthy however I’m always scared when it comes to something that give you diarrhea.

    • also i made my smoothie out of 1 hand full of spinach 1 celery stock, and 2 apples, and some water. is that ok?

    • Hi Rosa, The comments can be a bit scary but keep in mind most people don’t have any detox side effects at all! Usually the comments are people who did have some issues and wanted an answer. Just the nature of the comment section. :-) Please go ahead. Start small, maybe 1-3 cups a day and see how it feels. It’s real, whole food, so nothing to be too concerned about :-)

  102. I have been drinking green smoothies for 3 days. The first 2 days it was about 16oz (2 cups organic spinach, 1 banana, 2/3c of strawberries, 2tbsp ground flaxseed). The first day I felt light-headed but that passed after about an hour. Today I tried a new recipe (1 banana, 2c pineapple, 1c organic spinach, 1c dandelion greens, 1tbsp ground flaxseed). This recipe produced twice the volume and I drank it in 2 rounds – one big cup at 9a the other at 11a. I have been light-headed with a headache since about noon! I am SO glad I did the research and found your blog b/c I was thinking I may need to eliminate this recipe. Now I realize I have been drinking too much for a first-timer! Thank you for the available info and I have signed up for your Sept 4th 10D Challenge. Wish me luck! :)

    • Yay! Glad to have you on board!

  103. Hello

    I have been having green smoothies every morning for the last two weeks as I suffer from chronic fatigue (I have also added a pinch of spirullina every other day) – I have been really pleased with the results and have felt more well in my body and feel I have more of a glow!

    I have always had eczema but it hasn’t been too bad for a long time, however, over the last week or so I seem to have had a sore break out – could this be part of a the detox do you think?

    Thank you :)

  104. Green drink is beneficial for me. You must these drinks at least once in your life.

  105. Hi Sarah,

    I’m excited to follow your 10 day program however I’ve already made a head start. I have been drinking 1L a day for about 2 weeks, and 2L a day the last two days. I’m planning to increase to 3L tomorrow (I’ve still been eating meals) but am planning on going ALL green smoothies (i use minimal fruit) from Monday to Friday next week. The only detox symptom I have had so far is a *major* acne breakout. Is there anything else I should be wary of with my plan? Should I still aim to eat a small meal each day or stick with all smoothies? I’m anticipating 4-5 daily using added healthy fats for enough calories. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Megs, So glad you’re excited. If you feel ready for it you can try green smoothies all day but it is something that is best worked up to. For beginners it will cause lots of detox side effects and, even for intermediate level, will also cause that. So you decide but I’d recommend definitely having a cooked healthy dinner with salad. Hope this helps.

  106. Hi Sarah,i’ve joined your detox program:). I’ve actually started the smoothie diet a few days earlier and will continue with your recipes. After a summer of junk food, bbq, booze and driving, I really need to do something for by poor body:) my day looks like this: morning: a fruit smoothie (1 banana,handfull of raspberries, 1.5dl of either yogurt,almond milk or coconut water, 1 tsp of maca powder, a tbsp of oats and sometimes a tsp of cocoa bits) that gets me full till about 11. Day: i try to fit in 3 more veggie smoothies, using yogurt,keffir or tomato juice as a base and add a mixture of veggies(cucumber,carrot,cellery(root and stalks), parsley,kale) plus some hemp protein powder and wheatgrass powder.-the smoothie is about 2ooml. In between i drink a lot of water,sometimes i add a little lemon juice. So far i haven’t had any drastic side effects,maybe a headache in the morning-my body is pretty resilient to chages in diet (i am the one that never gets food poisoning in egypt or india;)). I am wondering if i’m doing this right though-i try to limit the sweet fruits (don’t want too many calories) and keep my smoothies veggie based. Is my calorie intake ok?
    Thanks for your reply in advance:)

    • Hello, Yes indeed your calories will be fine. Is all you are having all day? If it’s for a detox than you’re doing really well. One thing I might mention: Yogurt is a dairy option that some people decide to keep but especially while on a detox, try to experiment without it. YOu get enough protein from your greens and your protein powder but the dairy will inhibit your body’s ability to absorb the iron and other minerals from your greens. So that’s one tip I see, otherwise look forward to seeing you join us on the cleanse. Sincerely, Sarah

      • Thanks for your reply:) sounds reasonable,i’ll pass on the yogurt. My past dieting experience has taught me that i have to find a way to still enjoy an occasional “junky” meal. This way,even if i go out for a dinner or feel like having a little junk food, i can still make up with a day of smoothies. I found a bunch of smoothie recipes and i was surprised by how many of them have around 400 calories!!!! That’s why i want to keep them as “light” as possible. And since my experience has been pleasant so far, i want to incorporate smoothies in my diet. Have a nice day:) sandra

  107. Hi Sarah
    I hope you can help. I have been on a smoothie programe for over a month. To start with everything was fine for 2 weeks, I was having a smoothie for breakfast and evening meal. Then I had my usual type of drink and it was like I hit a brick wall the fatigue was as if I had been drugged I could barely move. I soldered on but it started to affect my life to much. I felt like a zombie. I had a break for a few days. Started again but I can feel the drowsiness taking hold. I am drinking more than 4 pints of water a day. If put any fruit in I cann’t function. I have M.S. so I find exercising makes me more tired.
    Thank you Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, I’m not sure I can specifically help unless we do a more in depth coaching session but I’d suggest slow down your detox with a cooked meal at suppertime for now. Try one for the morning, than work up to another cup or so for your afternoon snack. There is something about eliminating out evening meal that really speeds up the detox. Hope this helps.

  108. Hi Sarah, I just have recently started drinking smoothies every day (2-3 cups a day) for the last 5 days.I also eat salads and small dinner meals. I’ve been feeling quite good and am trying to lose weight. However, I feel like I look like I am gaining weight.This makes me scared to keep on going if I am gaining weight from the smoothies. What am I doing wrong? What do you suggest to help me lose weight?

    • Hi Amanda, It depends what you are adding into your smoothies. Assess the fat content, then assess how much water you are drinking. As well, for some constipation is common at the beginning which will make you feel like you are gaining weight but it will come off as your bowels move. Hope this helps,

  109. Hi, I have been having a green smoothie once daily for ageeees now, which I great, I love it! I have decided to do a 7 day smoothie detox starting tomorrow… I just wanted to make sure this was safe for me? I currently have a super clean diet, so shouldn’t be too much of a shock to my system, just wanted to give it all a break. I will probably have 4 upto 5 smoothies a day ss I train weights fairly heavily & don’t want to run out of energy. Just wanted to make sure this will be ok for 7 days & if you had any tips. Pretty excited to start!

  110. Hi,

    From what I see here, the headaches should be gone after about a week. I have been having a green smoothie in the morning for about 3 months now, and for the first month I felt great, more energy, and generally well. I have lost weight and have less hunger, too. But for several weeks now, I have had headaches, and increasingly in the last week or so, lack of energy and bad mood. I don’t know what else could be causing this, since nothing else has changed in my diet or lifestyle. I know I have a lot of toxins stored in fat, and since I’ve lost weight with the smoothies, I am now down to the stubborn fat deposits that are clearly not natural and full of toxins. Do you think this could be the problem with the headaches? I started adding cilantro in the last week, because it binds heavy metals and toxins and flushes them from the body, but there has been no improvement. I also use tumeric for detox and anti-inflammatory, and cinnamon for sugar control, plus pure stevia so I can stomach the taste, and fresh ginger. I’ve also noticed my hair falling out in small clumps in the last 2 weeks. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Hi Janice, No I do not believe that green smoothies would ever cause things like hair loss. These are just fresh fruit and vegetables you are consuming.

      That said, please get to your doctor asap and make sure you are tested for thyroid (hair loss is linked to thyroid) and also a general checkup too. Detox symptoms this severe are not detox symptoms but symptoms of another underlying issue. Best of luck,

  111. Hello! Any thoughts on someone getting a headache WHILE drinking a green smoothie? I can’t imagine I eat poorly enough to be detoxing like this, I eat no wheat or dairy, organic, lots of salads and super foods and only eat grain-like seeds, coconut oil, take probiotics, herbal tea, spring water etc. I have been having migraines lately, but I’m just wondering if you’ve had any personal experience with this?? #confusing I love your site and your smoothies!!! Thank you!

    • Hi Lucy! Yes, it is often a shock how much detoxing one can do despite eating quite healthy. I would say, stick with it, and the headaches should go away within a few days. :-) I know it’s a surprise!

  112. I am so glad I stumbled across this site. Thank you for all the helpful info. I couldn’t understand why I felt so fatigued but it all makes sense now,,,I’m ridding my body of nasty toxins!

  113. Hello!

    I love your site and started drinking green (or purple) smoothies back in January. I’ve really appreciated all of your advice so far! My question now is for the past month and a half I haven’t been making my smoothies every morning because we moved, doing reno, etc (no kitchen:( In the meantime, I got pregnant. Since it’s been a month and a half of no smoothies, once I get my kitchen up and running and my normal life comes back, can I continue my green smoothies? Or since it’s been a bit since I had one, is it not safe for the baby because I may detox again because of the break? Thank you in advance :)

    • Hi Charlotte, Well, did you detox the first time you started them in Jan? After a small period of going without green smoothies, the detox symptoms are usually far less, if at all. However, the consensus is that if you are pregnant you want NO detox symptoms at all (even while breastfeeding too). So depending on what your detox was like the first time, you can decide. You can also go crazy with regular, nut milk, berry (i.e. non green but plant-based smoothies) and get your fibre and antioxidants that way. As well, eat salads (with your cooked meals) to make up for the lack of greens (they won’t be as concentrated however so are safe). I hope this helps you to decide :-)

  114. Hello im trying to detox with kale do I need to purify it if im drinking as a water drink with lemon n strawberries or do I need cut it up. I really do not like smoothies.

  115. Can i prepare a green smoothie, drink some and save the rest for later or do i have to drink it freshly prepared

  116. I have been doing the green smoothie detox on and off for the past month. My face cleared and my skin tone evened out so much that I do not even need to wear foundation. I love it!!! I had no trouble downing the smoothies, probably because my mom used to make these for me when I was younger. I love the taste and energy! I use baby spinach, cilantro, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, pear, apple, strawberries, blueberries, flax seed, and orange juice in mine. :)

  117. Thanks for the helpful info! I’ve been adding a large green smoothie to my routine for the past week and a half. Usually for brekky or morning tea. I don’t think a full detox is necessary for me, but I’m loving how easy it is to add more veges and fruit to my daily diet.
    I have been soooooo gassy and bloated though! I figured this had to do with the smoothies, but it’s great to have that confirmed and to know it should settle down soon!
    Thank you!

  118. Hi Sarah,
    Just starting out with green smoothies and found your blog. Thanks so much for all the incredible information!
    You’ve mentioned in a couple of your replies, about mixing melon with other foods. All melons? Does this mean I should refrain from putting melon in a smoothie or not eat melon at all when drinking smoothies. Just a little confused as I went out and bought a variety of fruits and vegetables to get me started, and I don’t want to do anything wrong Thanks again!

  119. Why do i have to drink lots of watet while doing this

  120. Hello wanted to know can green smoothies be consumed while breastfeeding? Are there any risks i need to be caution of to prevent toxins going to child ?

    • Sorry for the late reply. Take caution while breastfeeding because – yes – this can cause detox in large amounts and you don’t want your little one to get any of the toxins. Sometimes it’s best to wait until breastfeeding is done or do lighter smoothies without the greens (and berries instead) to get something in the transition period. Hope this helps :-) Email me if you have any more questions at

  121. I had taken liquid chlorophyll for 2 mos. I was taking 1tblsp. in a large glass of water. Had some detox symptoms. A bit of nausea, but that was it. Once I hit the 6 week mark, I acquired a metallic taste in my mouth and lost my appetite….even for my craved carbs. I have had the metallic taste i for approx. 5 weeks now so about 2 weeks ago I stopped taking the chlorophyll all together. I re-gained my appetite however the metallic taste is still there. It does not change the taste of my food but it is always there. Any ideas as to how to complete the detox symptom. Should I start up again with the liquid chlorophyll or would you recommend ceasing for a while. Thank you for any information!!!

  122. Glad I found this blog, I have enjoyed reading through the comments!
    I am a very fussy eater, early 20’s, with absolutely no fruit or veg in my diet at all. I am considering starting this once a week or so to try and get used to it, but I am already very skinny due to a high metabolism, and don’t want to lose any more weight.
    what could you recommend for that?

  123. Hi I need your advice…I missed a month or two of my period and I started having the green smoothie..apples; cucmber; broccoli; carrots;garlic in mornings;
    I noticed it brought on my periods a lot heavier and longer..I need to know what am I doing wrong and how to stop the periods now

  124. Very happy to find this page.. thank you! I bought myself an early Christmas present (a Blendtec).. and have not looked back! I have been using it for almost a month now, and got into the routine of making two large mason jars every second day: one is only fruit (+lemon & avocado) and the other is all greens (+lemon & avocado) + tomato, Worcestershire and Tabasco and oil.
    I really find mixing fruit and vegetables makes me nauseous.. especially banana. I mention this because some people do feel the same, and it could be for the same reason. My green smoothie is essentially a vinaigrette salad all mushed up, and honestly when you think of it as such, it is like drinking ‘pure health’!
    My big side-effect seems to be itching. I had to drop kale because I was ripping my arms and lower legs apart scratching. But the solution that helped me is WATER.. I never thought of drinking water until I came to this page (again.. thank you!) because I was putting water in the smoothie and thought that was enough.. So wrong.
    I also make other veggie smoothies (like carrot & ginger) and experiment a lot, but i thought I’d mention keeping the sweet and sour separate as it might help some people. Thank you!

  125. Hello: I’m an overweight, 54-yr old woman going through full-blown menopause & terrible hot flashes after my total hysterectomy 7 yrs ago. That was the best thing, just the hot flashes are beyond out of control. In addition, I’ve been suffering from various G.I. issues for over 11 yrs, i.e. IBS, then eventually hospitalized 7 yrs ago with Diverticulitis (5 day hospital stay, feel I may even have developed Crohn’s Disease but not yet diagnosed as I have no health insurance (for financial reasons, I have opted to pay the ObamaCare fine in 2015). I also have a HypOthyroid condition which causes weight gain, fatigue/mild foggy-headed, and my hair is thinning out and falling out (my comb does not lie). I have had my Gallbladder removed same year as my Hysterectomy. 3 yrs ago I was feeling like I had “the bone flu” and learned through blood tests I had a chronic re-infection of EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) from having Mono as a teenager. Some people get outbreaks and re-infections later in life. The only reason I’m able to cope is I’m rarely sit down, always moving and believe it or not even with all my health issues I do more physically than most. I’m also now a Type II Diabetic. My question is: I bought a new Juicer machine (the 1,000 watt Cuisinart machine which works perfect by the way) and have been drinking spinach, apple, orange, mixed berries, banana, and a carrot once a day for less than 2 wks now. I’ve had Diarrhea 1-4 times a day for the last 8 yrs and though I think juicing is making it worse, I actually “feel more energetic”. Should I be juicing any particular greens or fruits to “limit” my bathroom incidents? I don’t believe in popping pills to cure health issues. It would have to be an emergency for me to take pills. My husband is also juicing w/me. He had a Bypass last year because of a freak bent main artery (95% blocked & wrapped around his other 2 arteries, though his heart is perfect). He takes cholesterol pills just as a precaution. We both don’t smoke or drink. Is juicing my only hope?

  126. Thank you for posting this information. Two days ago I started a 30 day challenge with green smoothies and have been feeling so nauseated and having to use the restroom way more than normal and just off all together. I was starting to get really worried this afternoon but now that I read this and know its only temporary I am happy to know I’ll be fine in a few days. Thank you again for posting!

  127. Hi all,

    My husband and I started a 5 day juice detox on Monday. Although I’ve been juicing since last March at various levels, I’ve never done a total juice only for my meals.

    1st day went fine and things seemed normal, bowls included. 2nd day I was hungry a lot, but my bowels were still pretty normal, and we had a 2.5 hour workout at the gym. I felt good at the gym, but by the time I made it to the pool to finish up my workout, I didn’t seem to have the same energy level that I normally do. Although, I felt good all day yesterday even after the big workout, I was still really hungry.

    This morning, the 3rd day I woke up feeling amazing. I’m usually pretty sore from my workouts and tired, but I feel good. Not so hungry now, just feeling light and loose. The only weird thing is I haven’t had a bowel movement which by this time of the day, I usually already have had 2-3. Not sure if it’s because I have nothing left inside of me or what. Has anyone else experinced this with their detox?

    I’m looking forward to today and the next two days because I can tell my body is loving this and feeling much healthier!

  128. hello, i started green smoothies a month ago. I felt good at the start and drank 2 cups in the morning and at night from gym. I normally mix spinach, kale, low fat milk and other greens and few fruits. last week, i started feeling dizzy and getting headaches. i feel sleepy the whole day. Also my poop is green and yesterday i noticed smoke coming from my BM. I want to know if this is something to be concerned with and what should i do about it.

    • Your calorie intake is probably too low. you have to eat regular food too, man cannot live smoothies alone remember when you eat tne right food it is you fuel to keep you going!!!!!!! I learned that the hard way

  129. I’m on day 6 of a green smoothie detox. I’m feeling great. I did experience several negative side effects, especially during the first 3 days:

    Metallic taste or thick coating on tongue
    Slight rashes or breakouts
    Excess mucous

    I knew some of these would happen, so that made it easier when they cropped up.

  130. I have been making smoothies for a while and been running working out. I was in poor health and over 8 months changed my eating habits and diet as well..I run about thirty miles a week and do weights two times a week..I have noticed that my smoothies are giving me a ton of the worse smelling gas and its gotten worse and worse…My wife will not sleep in the same room with me some nights…I have lossed over 40 lbs…I am working on thwe last stubborn fat around my love handle belly area but cant get it off…any advise on the gas and the last little bit of fat would be appreciated..I read previous notes and could I be detoxing still? I lives a pretty horrible lifestyle before this 8 months of my new life…I was smoothing for a montha and I dont remember my gas such a problem

  131. I have noticed that if you add raw turmeric to these green drinks, it helps a lot in terms of reducing bloating and other detox symptoms. I tried this a couple of times and it worked for me :)

  132. Hi!I’ve been having a green smoothie for the last few days Nd I’ve been feeling terrible. I wondered if at first it was because I had reduced my calories by substituting one meal for my smoothie. So I increased my calories a little more the next t day. But I still felt nauseous, tired and had a terrible headache. I was going to stop until I read your website. Thank you for this post. It’s been incredibly helpful. Also I’m happy to know that these side effects are only temporary. I had no energy to work out today which seems counterproductive to getting healthier.

    • HI Alicia, Yes, it’s funny, you’d think with healthy changes you’d feel better right away but think of it like an arm you’ve tied to your body for months, if you took off the tie, your arm would barely be ready to move, let alone lift anything and you’d need to slowly work up its muscle again. So our bodies and our digestion get out of shape and need some time to adjust to the way we were meant to eat (I believe). Keep up the great work. If you want to slow your detox, just consume a bit less and scale up over time.

  133. I started drinking green smoothies about a month ago and the first week was kinda rough. I was pretty nauseated and had other negative effects. I just felt kinda blah most of the time. After it passed, though, I felt better than I have in YEARS! I can’t believe how much more energy I have now. Usually I am so tired all the time and don’t feel like doing much…and I’m only 27! I’ve also experienced the pleasant side effect of weight loss. So I am a big believer in the power of green smoothies now! They taste great and it’s fun to get creative with recipes. I drink one for breakfast and lunch every day and they keep me going and feeling great. Then I have a normal meal for dinner in the evenings, which I don’t feel guilty about anymore! I do try to stay away from fried foods and processed foods. But I am still able to enjoy a good burger or a pasta dish, etc. You can be healthy and lose weight without feeling deprived all the time. So, if you are questioning green smoothies or feeling discouraged about the detox effects, give it a try and don’t give up! Give it at least a week and I bet you will start feeling awesome! :)

    • I’ve been juicing for 2 months now using kale, celery, cucumber, ginger and a pear. But it seems like I’m gaining weight. within the 2 months I’ve gain 15 pounds. I’ve been keeping everything the same for the past years and have not gain until I started the juicing process. what did I do wrong? Can juicing also cause people to gain weight?

  134. Thank you so much for your information. I am on week 3 of green smoothies. I feel GREAT! This week I have been doing a “detoxing” smoothie. Having a hard time drinking it…it is 1/2 a lemon 1/2 a lime 2 medium bananas, 2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice, 2 cups kale, and 6 oz filtered water. I wasnt having any problems drinking the other kind of smoothie. It was 1/2 banana, 6 strawberries, 1 orange, 1/3 cup greek yogurt, 4 cups spinach or kale (I switched every other day) 1 cup ice. What other “detoxing” smoothie do you recommend??? Thanks so much! Callie

  135. I have been drinking smoothies in the morning after my coffee for a few weeks now. Kale, Spinach, Celery, Carrots, 1/2 an Avocado, Cucumber, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Tumeric. I stopped Coconut Water and Banana, since indegestiion from them was terrible. I now use water for a liquid. Sometimes i put in an apple.
    I have been gaining weight, very emotional, tired, and so out of place, even crying for no reason at all.
    Reading these comments, I now understand the detox effect. But, so nervous over the weight gain. I drink water during the day, and have lost my appetite too.
    I feel like a blob. I am hoping this all passes, and the weight starts dropping off.

  136. I have found that I can use kale,spinach, banana and one of those apple flavor sugar free drink mixes gives you a great smoothie without the extra sugar. by the way I drink 38 oz of this aday and my skin has improved alot but I did get the constipation end of it but I relize that I also need to drink water as well I am verrrrry bad at that:(

  137. I am proud of myself because I drank WATER TODAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! If
    YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS IS A MAJOR Milestone for me!!!!!!!!

  138. Hi, greetings from the Netherlands! Thank you for this site. So happy to read this!

    I was at day 4 of my ’30 day smoothy & quitting sugar- challenge’ and it all went reasonably well. I drank about 1,25 ltrs green smoothies with some spirulina, seeds, soya proteine powder through the day, with two regular meals. I really love the taste, and see myself doing this for the rest of my life! It feels so good to be this loving and supportive for my body!

    I did felt some side effects; some breakouts on skin, bags under eyes, my stool was smelly and inconsequent, and I expierenced feelings of weakness when working out. Yet, I expected these symptoms when changing my diet so radically.

    But today, at day 5 -after I came home from nightshift- I have had a severe diarrhea explosion. I had to go about 7 times really really bad, while feeling no cramps or nausea at all. (what would be reasonable if I would have some virus). It was like having a enema.

    Yet this reaction of my body really scared me! Maybe there is something wrong with me? I never in my 33 year life, had this much diarrhea and loss of water! When everything finally was out of my bowels and I felt empty completely, my bowels calmed and went totally calm for the rest of the day. No pain, no gass, no sounds…

    So I guess, it was a ‘detox-effect’.

    But to be honest, today I was a bit scared to take a smoothy at all, because I do not want this explosion at work. I seriously considered to quit my healthy challenge. Yet this article gives me the courage to keep going, to put it down a notch and take it one glas at a time.

    I feel the great effects also. My moods went up, my body feels less tensed, stuck or heavy and slow, my joints are somehow more flexible, there is clarity in mind and I feel less adhd-ey. Like I gained some mental resistance as well. While I only do this for my health and strength, I also dropped some pounds (mostly at my thighs).

    Does somebody know if I not loose too much weight, or loose muscle tissue?

  139. Hi,
    I have just started drinking smoothies every morning. In the past they were intermittent with only wey protein and sometimes a banana added. Since I have been eating lots of salads every day with no dressing and I sometimes use baby kale, I thought I would make my own smoothie for breakfast. Many times I cannot eat all the fruit and vegetables quick enough and they go bad.

    I am on Day 3 of my green smoothies. I put almond milk, greek yogurt,scoop of wey protein, banana, strawberry and 2 or 3 handfuls of Kale. I usually add crushed ice to make it thicker and slushy. I also started a work out routine in the morning. Yesterday I noticed I am having a looser BM and also having BM 2X a day rather than 1x. Day 2, I had a migraine. Day 3 no migraine but extreme gas and bloating. Joints ache, sort of chilled even. I feel pretty awful. After consuming 3/4 of my container of smoothie I am finding that I don’t want to eat anything because of the burping and stomach bloat. I am trying to drink lots of water as mentioned previously.

    Is this normal?

    After reading all the posts, it appears I have over loaded on smoothie a bit. I make a whole blender full and I drink ALL of it throughout the morning. Lunch is usually salad, snack is almonds, dinner is meat and a sauteed veggie.

  140. I’ve been doing these green juice smoothies for about 6 years – I drink mine in evening because I need protein in morning like eggs not protein powder- if you feel yucky at first take vitamin c and drink less have it before bed add frozen berries and stevia. I usually use spinach broccoli kale blueberries raspberries blackberries vanilla soymilk or almond milk. I’m feeling good and looking good !

  141. I started eating green smoothies last Tuesday when I got a Ninja blender for my birthday. I have been eating probably about 1 and a half measuring cups a day. I took one day off. The day after I started I had some mild diarrhea. Today, a week later it happened again. My diet is pretty all over the place mainly because of time constraint. I started the green smoothies to try to be healthy. So far I am not seeing any good side effects. Also, I always feel full right after eating one. Then, about an hour later I feel like I am starving!!!! Tips, suggestions, comments! I love spinach, I want to be healthy and, I love green smoothies so I want this to work out.

  142. Hello I am also happy I found your website with this useful information:-) I started my green smoothie detox today well just now lol.I used kale,cucumber,lime,apple,celery,ginger and a cup water.Well soon as drunk it I took about 7 gulps and it wasn’t nasty at all but….then I got light headed and very nausuated…I kept drinking but then I threw up but it wasn’t much lol.I’m not giving up though still drinking lol.I started dieting 3 days ago so I’m trying to incorporate green smoothies to my diet.Your site was very helpful.

  143. I have been juicing for at least six months, maybe closer to a year, and the drinks make me extremely nauseous, to the point where once I threw up (and crapped myself at the same time). It always gives me very urgent diarrhea. My husband insists that this is because I drink Pepsi. I drink probably about a liter when I first wake up (it’s my coffee) and then I drink the juice (a mason-jar size one). Is he right, or is my system just very intolerant? I swear, I feel as if I have food poisoning.

  144. Hi, I started doing the green smoothie thing and love it! However I use greek yogurt in mine and I don’t know if it is the detox or the greek yogurt but I was soooooooooooooo ill! severe stomach ache and diarrhea (severe) it was so acidy and I went so many times my butt was on fire!! if you catch my drift!! I had to use hemroid pads to take down the raw swelling and burning!! I am a junkfood junkie so is this normal? Is the greek yogurt causing the acid? I went from junk to green smoothie and nothing but veggies and protein. I was thinking I maybe allergic to grrek yogurt but maybe it is the detox. I did this over the weekend got ill so stopped then did it again the next weekend and both times I got ill. I must say I added so muc fiber into my diet in 3 days that I am thinking it just really cleaned me out! I feel fine today but Monday morning from 2 am to 5 am was hell!!! First time I had acid from my butt to my throat, this time from my stomach to my but! Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you, Mary
    I will be doing a green smoothie today no yogurt.

  145. Mixing fruit and vegetables can make some people very sick. Also, mixing caffeine and vegetables. One of the worse fruits for inducing nausea is bananas.
    I noticed that after drinking a vegetable smoothie i feel very healthy, but if i drink coffee, it tastes terrible. I used to love coffee.
    Try keeping the fruit smoothies (always add a bit of ginger and lemon) clear.. apples, pineapple, berries, cranberries, oranges.
    And, keep the vegetables (always add lemon (and garlic if you like it)). Lettuce, spinach, avocado, celery, tomato, S&P, olive oil (Tabasco). Be careful with kale.. it makes a lot of people sick.
    And the lady that drinks Pepsi and green smoothies? really bad idea. That would make a goat sick. It’s full of caffeine.
    Bottom line: don’t drink too much at the beginning. Eat regular healthy food and drink vegetables in the same amount as you would have a green salad. Have fruit at a different time, when you crave something sweet.
    Don’t forget your water! Smoothies are not water.. they are food (pureed). You still need your 6-8 cups of water a day. Dehydration can make you nauseous as well.

  146. Hey Sarah,

    About two weeks ago I started making a smoothie everyday for breakfast, I never get spots but recently I’ve been getting spots and I was just wondering whether this was a detox side effect? I’ve also been feeling very tired and have no energy,( really bad timing as I have exams coming up)is this also a detox side effect?
    If so, how long until the side-effects go away?

  147. Hello,
    I just started green smoothies last week and am loving it! I have been making some delicious combos just by trial and error. Since this is all so new to me I do not know if my concoctions are actually healthy. For example, my new favorite is
    1.5 cups spinach
    1/3 pear
    1/3 apple
    3/4 cup greek yogurt plain (fage)
    1TB chia seeds
    1TBs unsweetened cocoa powder
    3/4 cups sweetened almond milk
    2tsp coconut oil
    I packet truvia

    It tastes delicious. The question is this a good combo to drink on a regular basis? Is truvia an okay natural sweetener to use?

  148. First off great website and awesome resources! I am about to start winging myself on green smoothies tomorrow! I have a hamilton beach wave station express 58615, the ingredients I have in spinach leaves, bananas, and water. Is this a good concoction to start off with? Also I work night shifts. Would this play a significant role within weight loss, stamina, etc? I am excited to start eating healthier since all my life I have ate absolute junk. It will be hard but I plan on keeping with it. Thank you in advance for whoever replies to this. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Yes, Joshua, It is a great concoction to start off with. How did it go? I don’t see that nightshifts alone will prevent weightloss, just ensure you are rested and when sleeping in the day you do your best to get your room as dark as possible so your body can enter full rest mode.

  149. Guys help!
    So I’m on the book “10 days smoothie cleanse” and everything’s great I feel good except I haven’t had normal bowel movements since Sunday and my stomach is bloated and hurts cause I haven’t! Any suggestions or solutions or hell! Pleaseeeee am I doing this wrong?

    • you probably need to take a break and drink lots of water this happened to me to and I’m just I’m eating all the right things why is this happening.

  150. Hello Sarah, I found your website through browsing green smoothie search on Google. I just finished reading 80% of the respond because it was very interesting to know that I wasn’t the only one who had bloating issue. It was just so weird that I felt sudden discomfort bloating. I was at an anime convention. I drank my green smoothie before I went there. After 6 hours passed, I started to feel bloated. When I arrived home, I felt like my stomach was going to explode. And no, I am not pregnant nor did I had food poisoning. I thought it could had been the Subway sandwich, but I never had troubles eating that sandwich. So I read that bloating is part of detoxing, but I felt like I was going to die because my stomach felt like it was going to explode. Do you think you might know what’s the cause of feeling like stomach explosion? I really hope to hear this. I first thought I had gastritis problem, but I read more of the detox side effects, it makes sense of breakouts, rashy feeling, excessive mucous, light-headed, dizziness. Thank you for posting this article, I can’t afford to go to the hospital, so I was glad I read this. Thank you very much and hope to read your response. I will bookmark to see if you respond it! :)

    • You’re so welcome Vivi!

  151. Are you aware of any type of greens that can cause mild to throbbing headaches? I am trying to pinpoint what changed in my regimen so I can eliminate it, before I give up daily green smoothies – which otherwise, is the best move I’ve ever made in my diet. I started making green smoothies about 5 months ago. Within a week I was consistently drinking two 12-14oz smoothies a day (morning and late afternoon). Aside from normal adjustments at beginning I then felt GREAT. I’m not new to smoothies, but I am farily new to drinking them daily and making them at home. However, for almost a week now, I’ve been experiencing increasingly uncomfortable headaches and am associating them with something in my smoothies that maybe I’m lacking or getting too much of.


    65% green: Kale, Spinach, Collard, Swiss Chard, Arugula,Parsley, Mint, Mustard Greens
    15% fruit: Strawberry, Acai Puree, Blueberry, Banana, Kiwi, Raspberry
    5% Chia Seeds (2-3 tbsp.)
    5% Almond Milk (unsweetened) or spoon full of plain Greek yogurt
    10% Water

    I am associating the headaches with possibly too much arugula or parsley? I also mistakenly bought a different kind of Kale Chou Frise – which looked but not tasted like baby arugula. Is it possible to have too much Vitamin K or Chlorophyll?


    • Hi Kris, Honestly, it sounds like it might be something else in your diet aside from green smoothies because you did them successfully for 5 months. Otherwise, strip them down to the bare minimum (just mangoes and smoothies) and add ingredients incrementally so you can pinpoint what’s giving you issues.

  152. I started drinking pretty much just smoothies a couple weeks ago. They are typically a blend of all or most of the following: raw almonds, blueberries or an organic berry mix, plain greek yogurt, a little OJ, spinach &/or kale, a dash of vanilla, wheat germ and flax meal. I have been having pains just below my ribs / upper abdomen area and have been painfully gassy on and off. I thought maybe it was the wheat germ so I stopped adding that but it didn’t help. I had a pretty good diet full of lots of veggies prior to starting this fast/diet. Do you think it’s my body detoxing? Hopefully???

    • Hi Wendy, Did it subside? With gassy issues it often helps to take a probiotic supplement.

  153. This may sound ridiculous! But I like eating greens, and with spring here, and summer encroaching I have ample supplies from my garden, (not to mention the wild greens in my yard-dandelion, lambsquarter, plantain and dock) . Is it silly to go ahead and eat the greens and not give up things like caffeine, gluten and alcohol? Will eating an increased amount of greens make me have worse detox symptoms the next day from having a drink in the evening? Dandelion specifically targets the liver, but is it good or bad to eat it if I continue to drink alcohol moderately?

    • Hi Jennifer, Actually, if nothing else just adding green smoothies to your diet alone will vastly improve your health. Then you can take the steps to eliminating other things as you see fit! Even if you never give up coffee, green smoothies will still make a great contribution towards your health :-)

  154. Easy solution ! (maybe just for some) (and though expensive)
    Mix plain, sugar free Kefir into the green smoothie.
    (Or try probiotics).

    Other things I like to add besides protein powder are canned corn, and coconut.

    • oops, but canned corn and coconut don’t have anything to do with constipation.

  155. I have been drinking smoothies (spinach, kale, banana, blue berries, and an apple ) for 2 weeks now once or twice a day. I had no problem. I even now crave them. Then one day I made a smoothie for my adult daughter and she broke out with what appeared to be itchy pimples on her face. Two days later, I broke out with a different (red) rash throughout my body. I love the smoothies but I had the itchy rash which I had to go to the doctor. Doctor could only tell me it could be anything. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Doreen, If it persist for a few weeks, an allergy is suspect. Keep your smoothies simple (just mangoes and spinach) and add ingredients incrementally to see what is causing the allergy. Hope this helps :-)

  156. I am thrilled to find this website and reading all the comments and suggestions. I’m new to Smoothies, although I am following a Cleanse Program, I find the Full Cleanse/Detox Day (1x/week) very difficult. I’m hungry, weak, fatigued and just don’t feel well. I made a Green Smoothie w/baby kale, fresh garlic, Italian parsley, small apple and a splash of veg broth to help me get through the day, and it was awesome! If I feel chilled, I drink it warmed a little. I don’t get headaches anymore, just hungry, weak and a little light-headed. The Green Smoothie helps all of this! :D

    • Wonderful to hear Lori!

  157. Hi, I have been on green smoothies for 6 weeks now and for the first few weeks I felt really good and seemed to be losing weight. However, in the last 2 weeks I have been bloating like crazy, and my stomach feels awful. My arms are all puffy too like water retention and I have gained weight fast. I also have a recurrent rash round my neck and chest, although this may not be related. I am sick of having a distended stomach and looking pregnant :S but I thought the smoothies were originally doing me good! Anyone else experienced this?

    • Hi Claire, Take a look at the ingredients in case you are allergic to one of the ingredients (pay special attention to things like hemp seeds, etc which some people are allergic to). Make your smoothies really simple (just mangoes and spinach and water) and add ingredients incrementally to see what gives you the bloat. Hope this helps,

  158. I’ve been enjoying “green smoothies” casually for a while now (my Magic Bullet single server blender is the best thing ever), not to any strict routine, but just when I’m not feeling my best and want a good boost in the morning.

    I struggle with occasional, serious constipation, but I always have a bowel movement within 20 minutes of drinking one of these smoothies. It’s a fantastic natural laxative that leaves me feeling great when I otherwise would be in severe digestive pain. I can feel the ‘healthfulness’ of it both during and after drinking one, which is a good feeling in itself.

    Usually, I do 1.5 cups of raw spinach, half a banana, half the container with skim milk, ice for texture, and some vanilla coffee creamer for sweetness (not the most healthy thing, but it makes it yummy with only a tiny amount). When I want it to be a meal replacement, I add half a scoop of protein powder.

  159. I started last year.I drink kale,banana,blueberries,coconut water.I feel great. I am a diabetic on pills,have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Was nauseous in the mornings before doing this. I do not have any nausea and have been losing weight. my sugars are under control,pressure under control and have eliminated all white flour stuff, sugars in diet. I feel healthier, sleep better and no brain fog.

  160. Boy oh boy…once I started my smoothies, I was throwing in 3 veggies, 3 fruits, nuts and everything….After a week, I did not notice any improvement in my I went back and read my Nutribullet book…It stated to do Phrase I which was detox first…Well I started as they instructed and my belly was so big I had to go to the doctor for them to drain fluid from my stomach…..(around 4 quarts). I felt a little relief but as I read from previous people, I had terrible pain around my ribs and all the way across my breast bone…My doctor is testing me for everything now!! I have had xrays,ct-scan,MRI and I am tired…lost days from work and they still can find out what is wrong with me!!!!!

    Could the sudden eating habit and juicing and the detox cause the fluid build up? I agree with VIVI I looked as if I was 18 months pregnant.


  161. Hi Sarah

    I have been having green smoothies for a few weeks now. I have noticed the last couple of weeks I have broken out really bad and I haven’t broke out in ages. Is this part of the detox or am I maybe eating too much fruit. I have 50% greens, spinach and a bit of kale and the rest fruit, a mixture of berries, mango, pineapple or whatever I have in, also chia seeds and sometimes nuts or sunflower seeds. I expected to look glowing but I look worse than before I started, will this subside? I have also put weight on but admit I have been eating a lot more than usual.

  162. I want so much to detox and have been gradually changing my diet and drinking a smoothie every day. Before I start to really get serious I have a couple of questions. Have a strange feeling that my doctor may not know what to say. But you have a lot of experience so your advice would be important to me. Should I stop smoking before detoxing? I have rosacea my face is red most of the time and the dark green juices makes it even worse. Is it possible to juice without the green and still get all the healthy benefits?

  163. By the second day I felt nauseous with a lingering headache and extremely fatigued. I tried to keep up with my daily workout routine (1 hour of cardio) and felt winded and faint. So I ate a few bites of baked chicken breast. I will take your advice and ease into adding more green smoothies daily until my body adjusts. I felt like I got hit by a truck!!

  164. I’ve started using Vital Greens (don’t know if I’m allowed to say the brand name, but there you go). I found I was too time poor to do the regular juicing. I’m on day three and feel like I’m walking around feeling like death! Thank goodness I found this site, fab to know I’m not really dying! I’ll cut back on my dose each day and see if I can make the beach ball disappear from my middle and I might be able to get moving again! Great to read all your stories; made me feel soooo much better. Thanks!

  165. I have just purchased a nutribullet. I love it except for the fact that I am sooo constipated. Will this last? should I persevere?
    Any suggestions?

  166. Hi, I have started drinking green smoothies just for the health benifits, not to loose weight or anything, as a matter i’m trying to gain weight. However by the second week i’ve started experiencing terrible stomach cramps and diarhea after drinking the smoothies. It usually consist of spinach, celery, cucumber, a fruit, yougurt or almond milk. I usually drink 1-2cups per d thay. What could be the cause of the stomach cramps and diarhea.

  167. Just received the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book and noticed that during those 10 days, one eats 26 oz of mangoes. I love mangoes but I’m very allergic to them. What might I use as a substitute?

    • Hi Bruce, bananas are a great substitute. Good luck!

  168. I am on day four of a green smoothie cleanse. The first day was very hard. The second day I felt great. My third and fourth have been terrible. I am tired, queasy and achy. I keep reading about how fabulous this cleanse will make you feel. On what day should this happen.? I am about to give up. Wanted to do this for ten days but I feel like crap.

    • Hi Kathryn, Sorry you are having trouble. Just try to consume less and build gradually. Consume less and make it 20 days instead (or something along those lines…), try not to push yourself but increase in a way that works for you.

  169. Hi, I just found your site and I’m happy to find that other people have experienced detox from green smoothies as well. I’m actually quite sick with a virus called HHV-6, which is implicated sometimes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When you have it, you typically have a very sluggish detox system. I drank my first smoothie today and got a pretty bad migraine from it, I guess because I’ve been so sick. I drank a few sips later in the evening and now am having a detox effect again. I’ve actually read of some people curing their HHV-6/Chronic Fatigue by detoxing using green smoothies. I know there is no overnight fix for this, but I’m hoping that by regularly using detox smoothies in addition to a healthy diet, that I can kick this naturally. I’ve done the pharmaceutical route and made some progress, but the side effects are catching up with me, so I had to stop. I’m hoping this is my miracle.

  170. Is the 10-day detox free or $10? Each stated in different spots on the website.

    • You must have found an old advertisement. Email me and I’ll set you up for free.

  171. I just started the smoothies and I’m bloated and constant headaches.

  172. I’ve been drinking green smoothies for the past month or longer and recently been experiencing a lot of hot flashes. A friend suggested I decrease my smoothie intake. In during so, the hot flashes has stopped. Are they really related?

    • Hi Mrs. C, This is hard to say. It all depends on what you put in your smoothies. Generally speaking, eating more raw foods and less unprocessed foods help to relieve hot flashes, not cause them. Likely you are reacting to something in the smoothies. I hope this helps,

  173. Hi came across your website while researching side effects of green smoothies and it has been such a relief to find out everything is pretty normal. I did try and eat some type of green everyday before I started making the smoothies but it’s a much bigger dose now. I have only been doing it a few days but I have lost about a kg which was unexpected and I do feel better, minus the diarrhoea though I know now it’s just my body detoxing and to be fair even that hasn’t been too bad. Otherwise my diet hasn’t really changed on purpose but I feel the smoothie in the morning fills me up more and leaves me wanting healthier foods. The real test was I had bought new jeans that fit comfortably enough then I realised I was filling them up a little too much and currently I have to tighten the belt as much as possible but they still slide down a little and that is awesome :) although at this rate I might need another pair of new jeans soon haha :)
    Thank you for all the tips and support from both the site and all the fellow commentors!

    • You’re so welcome Natalie! Best of luck!

  174. Hi! My husband and I completed our 10 ten cleanse yesterday. On his way to work this morning he stopped to get his fist cup of coffee in 10 days(complete with caramel syrup :-/) He called me to tell me he is now sweating like crazy! What’s going on in his system?


    • This could sometimes happen with the sudden rush of all the sugar from the syrup. Did it go away? If it stays the same or worsens, please see a doctor.
      Sugar often gives me a rush like that. Also – wow ! – con grants for finishing ten days! How do you feel?

    • This could sometimes happen with the sudden rush of all the sugar from the syrup. Did it go away? If it stays the same or worsens, please see a doctor.
      Sugar often gives me a rush like that.
      Also – wow! – congrats for finishing ten days! What did you think?

      • Hello Not for Me,

        I can imagine it is very frustrating not having energy while doing a detox. For me b12 has helped with my energy and my mood. Its like a light lift. Nothing harsh or forceful like caffeine can be.

  175. I am on day 8 of my 10 day smoothie challenge and I don’t think I will continue after this is over. I wanted a weight loss quick start and that is what I got, but I have been so tired, nauseous, and HUNGRY that I don’t think I will continue it or do this type of detox again. I’ve tired different smoothies for different benefits but I always feel tired and I have no energy to complete my day. By 9pm I am exhausted and I have to go to bed.

    The reason I have continued is that I have seen some amazing results. I have lost 9 lbs in 7 days and my skin looks great. Plus it got me to drink more water than I have ever drank in my life on a daily basis. I even thought I needed more protein so I added tofu for two days, but no change in my energy so I took it out. So once my 10 days are up I will return to a healthy diet (hopefully) and move on.

    Love your page. Thanks for the valuable information.


  176. Hi, just a quick question. Today is day 5 for me with the 10 day green smoothie cleanse, and my scale shows that I have actually gained 5 lbs. Is that possible? What could be causing me to gain weight instead of loose weight? I feel ok. I don’t feel too bloated and I am going to bathroom fine (not constipated or anything). Just seems bizzare to me. I want to keep going, but don’t want to put on extra weight when I am tyring to loose weight/ become more healthy.

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice you might have.

    • In some rare cases, yes, it can happen. What are you putting in your smoothies and also what are you eating in addition to the smoothies?

      • (day 1) 3 handfuls spinach 2 cups water 1 apple, cored , quartered 1 cup frozen mangos 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 handful frozen or fresh seedless grapes 1 stevia packet (more if needed) 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
        (day 2) 3 handfuls spring mix greens 2 cups water 1 banana peeled 2 apples, cored, quartered 1.5 cups frozen strawberries 2 stevia packet (more if needed)2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

        AND so on (different each day, but similar to the ones above). I am having (2) smoothies per day an apple as a snack in between and salad for dinner. Salad includes, lettuce, cucumber, hardboil egg and lowfat dressing (just a little bit).

        Today is day 6 and I am still doing it, just hoping to start to loose weight soon.

        Am I doing anything wrong?


  177. This is my 2nd time trying to get back to green smoothie diet; the first attempt was a success until I kept having night cough. After stopping taking green smoothie, I gained lots of weight suddenly and was always bloated. I did not know why and it might not be due to the green smoothie.

    This 2nd time, I feel extremely tired every time I have smoothie, and I have frequent loose stools after the smoothie and they smell bad.

    My ingredient usually include spinach and fruits. I would have pineapple or banana inside my smoothies and whatever other fruits which I can find.

    The “cleansing” effect seems to be much more this time than previous.

  178. I just started my green smoothie journey today. I am active and want to start eating healthier. I eat a lot of lean meat and would like to eventually go vegan. I used 1 cup of seedless green grapes, 1 cup of packed spinach, 1 cup of ice and 1/4 cup of coconut milk. Very tasty! I down the whole thing! I am little nervous about the nausea but hopefully I don’t get sick =/

  179. well i have mild heahache added green powder spirulina,chlorella, hemp,turmeric, wheatgrass all power . is that too much add all little drink per day ? but im not a patient person. can you tell me what or which can mix together? thank you so much

    • That definitely a lot of green to start with. Try a but more fruit (and less green) as you grow accustomed to green smoothies to avoid the detox effects. If you’re not bothered by detox then keep up the great work!

  180. I’m so glad I found this site!!!! I am on day three of my green smoothie revolution. Today my 16oz smoothie consisted of kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, green apple, sweet potato and sunflower seeds; my liquid is ginger water (I boiled 2L of water with a huge thin-sliced root of ginger and added 1/4 cup of sugar.) The smoothie taste is pretty good to me; I grew up eating greens at least three times a week. I also am a lover of Naked Green Machine and Bolthouse Farm Green Goodness. I am excited to create my own green wonder. A friend suggested I keep my smoothie chunky to assist with tricking myself that its a meal. I didn’t like the texture so this morning I blended until it was nice and smooth. I’m still eating my regular meals (sensibly) so I don’t feel the need to trick my mind. Yesterday I added a little oatmeal and had no noticeable effects. Today sans oatmeal 4 hours later I was hungry.

  181. Hi,
    I’m on my 6th day of the green smoothie cleanse and I still have a lot of bloating. The first few days were horrible–it was the most bloated I’ve ever felt in my life. What is the reason causing this? I use typical ingredients such as spinach, kale, bananas, apples, flax seeds, etc. and do not add any Stevia. I only snack on hard boiled eggs and raw almonds once a day.
    I’ve also been trying to drink a lot of water but nothing is really working!
    I have not lost much weight either so this whole process has been disappointing/frustrating.
    Please give me some advice to lessen the bloating. Thank you!

    • Did the symptoms go away eventually? I am reading your post and feel the same way… did you give up?

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  183. I’m so glad I found this website! I’ve been drinking green smoothies, usually one or two a day, 3-4 times a week for about a month now. However, about a week after starting the smoothies I became extremely nauseas after most meals. For the last week a stomach ache and often bloating has followed most meals. Could this have anything to do with the increase in veggies? Am I still detoxing?

  184. Hi, I started drinking green juice and had about 0.5l+ for three days. On day three I got riddiculous diarhoea and it didn’t stop until now(3 days later). Should I be concerned? Or is it normal for starting drinking juices? My juice had two apples, one pear, frozen pineapple, spinach, baby green peas leafes, celery and some lemon. I took some probiotics and natural charcoal but I can’t keep anything in my body, everything goes straight through me :( Any advice please?

  185. Hi all. I’m so excited!! And I just can’t hide it!!…

    I tried to go for green smoothies last year but didn’t do enough research = yach!! Didn’t go back.
    I somehow “stumbled” accross the green smoothie lifestyle(????)last Friday eve while googling. Did some thorough reading and decided to try again. Saturday I went fruit and veg shopping like mad! Prepped and freezed them Saturday eve. Yesterday morning I made a strawberry, peach and yogurt smoothie for the kideos. And for me banana, apple, spinach and low fat milk smoothie. I’M HOOKED!! My 6year old son enjoyed the green one more than the strawberry one – Mommy is smiling!! I had smoothie for breakf and supper!!
    Last night I premade my smoothie to bring to work today: brocolli, spinach, banana, pineapple, milk and water. And Oh my Yummie goodness!! Did I mention that I need to lose weight? hehehehe! Yup need to lose a few kilos. Sooooo…. I was thinking of getting on the green train for 10days (to bein with) and see how it goes. Well this is day 2 and like I said, excited overload. The smoothies taste soooo…. good. I’ve read in a couple of places that one should ease into it : one a day.
    But what if I want another one?? What if I don’t care about the light headache and the heavy drowsiness I experienced yesterday afternoon? Light headache still with me but I’m drinking more water (hope it will help). Oh and that’s what brought me to your site : the side effects.
    So, I’m going to take your advice : take in more water + add in some time on the bike + dry skin brushing.
    Strongs to other green newbies!!

  186. Hi, Has anytone experienced the detox symptoms a week later?
    I ate healthily before getting my nutribullet a week ago and felt good after my first few smoothies which consisted mostly of vegetables and non starchy fruits like berries, seeds and nuts. About 5 days later I noticed more bowel movements but there was no urgency and they were ‘healthy’ looking so I saw this as positive but have felt ill for last couple days, very fatigued, headachey, nauseated and now some constipation which all feels like detox smptoms as I have detoxed in the past when taking milk thistle etc. Admittedly the smoothies did have a lot of ingredients that could have ‘pushed’ my liver (ginger, lemon, broccoli, beetroot) but I am not used to feeling detox symptoms 7-10 days after starting something new.
    Has anyone else had similar experiences of feeling good/normal initially and then worse a week later. I havent vomited or got flue like symptoms so I dont think its a bug

  187. Wow!!! That is what I feel after my fifth day on green smoothies….. My first day was amazing, filled with a ton of energy. My second day was the complete opposite with a headache that turned into a full blown migraine that continued for another two days and along with muscle aches and flu like symptoms. On day four, I was still fuzzy and felt like I drank a bottle of wine but nothing compared to the day before. Today, I woke up and felt that the past several days were some long forgotten nightmare and I felt astonishingly vibrant. Today, I feel like a completely different person. The moral of my story- Never and I mean never underestimate the power of a green smoothie!!

  188. I started green juices last June and also have a fruit juice at night. Recently I have noticed that my sence of smell has gone …. And my taste is affected. Could this be related to juicing?

  189. Hi,
    I just started my detox today. I had two green smoothies. First was kale, apple, strawberry. I felt great after. Not hungry, full of energy. I had a fruit smoothie for lunch, still felt fine. Then came dinner. Had another green smoothie. Carrot, kale, pineapple, parsley, a few strawberries (all organic). After that smoothie, I got a headache, got bloated, got my period (damn it!), and am tired. The bloating is bad, I feel 5 lbs heavier. I am doing this to clear up my acne related to PCOS, and I pray it works. I have drank 3 litres of clean water in addition to the smoothies, and I had a cup of green tea. I just broke down and had a black tea with a small splash of milk. I managed to not eat the ribs I made the kids for dinner, so I am proud of myself.
    I am contemplating taking it slower with the green smoothies, but I bought everything to do a full three day cleanse. Organic veggies aren’t cheap! I think that will make me stick with it, but Id love some encouragement, and to be told Ill feel better tomorrow? Any advice? I had 6 year old quadruplets (thanks to my PCOS), and a 10 year old, and a husband that lives 2000 miles away for work, so I need to be on my game and be healthy and energetic!

  190. I just recently tried a 10 day smoothie detox cleanse. My smoothies only consisted of fruits and leafy greens, no sugars or dairy. In between I snacked on hardbroiled eggs, nuts, carrots. After day 3 I started to feel very tired to the extent while taking my morning shower I had to sit down after I was done. This feeling got worst until day 7 that I had to quit. I did experience nausea a lot and my energy level kept getting worst. I do take medication for type 2 diabetes and blood pressure but my sugar levels were fine. The only thing I did not check was my blood pressure. I think I had a very bad reaction to something but I don’t know what. I felt it was a very unhealthy experience.

  191. Hi! My husband and I started on the 12th. We read about powered spinach and adding 3/4 tsp of it to smoothies twice a day. My husband mixes it in milk. I mix it in smoothies I get at the store. I have been having a lot of stomach pain with nausea since starting it, to include pretty bad headaches. My husband has no symptoms at all. Just wondering what I should do.

  192. I love my Kale,almonds,banana,lemon juice(just a tablespoon) and almond milk blended with ice smoothies. I drink at least 32 ounces a day for lunch. I would like to add 1 tablespoon of Spirulina powder and 2 tablespoons of Perfect Food ( Raw Organic Green Super Food) for more health benefits. Do you think by adding the Spirulina and Perfect Food powder be to much detoxification for my body?

  193. I’ve enjoyed all these conversations and see they have abruptly ended

  194. Hi,

    thanks for your web site and this forum, which has been very helpful.
    I’m vegetarian and veer towards being vegan as much as possible. I eat pretty well but have to be careful of sugar as I get awful reactive hypoglycemia, which affects my mood most of all.

    I just got a Nutribullet and started with the green smoothies. I’ve been having spinach or kale blended with pear and banana.

    I’ve been awful digestive issues but this is after week 3. I didn’t think I’d be detoxing this long!

    Not only that but I’m not sleepy but not in a good way. I’ve had awful anxiety.

    I’m assuming this is hypoglycemia but I don’t know if I could have a green smoothie with little or nothing sweet in it.

    Strange thing is, I’ve been juicing for a couple of years and rarely get this problem except if I overdo the carrots!


  195. I started a ten day green smoothie cleanse and on day four I all of sudden developed what I thought was heartburn or something. It was an intense pain in my chest and then it started moving up and down and then I felt it in my back. At this point I’m thinking it’s a gas bubble. All of sudden my hands began itching like crazy, then my ears, my arms, my feet and large red welts and rash patches. I immediately quit the detox because I’m thinking this is one crazy allergic reaction to what I don’t know. Six days later, no smoothies and crazy amounts of water, I am still experiencing pain in my chest although not as intense, and the itching, welts and rashes. How long will these side effects, if that’s what they are, last?????

  196. Hi! I have a question!!! I did the 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse and felt great. While on it I was sometimes constipated but usually had a bowel movement once a day. After the cleanse I started to introduce a little more healthy foods in my diet but then developed chronic diarrhea…sometimes 5-6 times a day! It is still going on beyond 3 weeks!!! I still have 1-2 smoothies a day. Do you think the detox has anything to do with my diarrhea?

  197. could i use splenda if i wanted to in the green smoothies?

  198. I eat a balanced diet but was given a nutribullet for Christmas and have made green smoothies almost every day since.
    I usually use have spinach, half fruits – pineapple, strawberries or apples and water.
    I haven’t lost weight or suffered any serious side effects but I have a couple of questions.
    I have just had a flare up of my rheumatoid arthritis that has been under control for 10 years. I also have noticed a small greenish discharge. Could either of these things be related to the change in my diet?
    I would really appreciate your feedback.


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