I have been featured on CTV Morning Live and ReviveLife TV on Rogers, as well as written about in Ottawa Magazine. 

I’m also a contributor to MindBodyGreen and Tone Magazine.

My business was also selected as a business school success story by! I have done various workshops in the community, including at Rainbow Natural Foods and Pranashanti Yoga Centre.

Here is what my lovely clients have to say about my detox/cleanses:


Sheila Cameron

I've lost 35 pounds already and feel great --like I'm 20 years old again with more energy than I've had in a long time.

You are my greatest resource when it comes to my food selections/meal planning. Thanks for all your help and getting me back on a healthy track - actually healthier eating than I've ever done before.  

I don't know if you realize just how important your work is to many of us - You've made a big difference in my life and I've only done that one series of classes with you. The weight loss was almost effortless. It just seemed to come off naturally on its own without the usual tracking and measuring I've had to do in the past. 

I was focused more on eating well and being healthy than on the weight I want to lose.  I can't tell you enough how your input, positive encouragement and classes were an incredible help with all this process. 

Thanks again Sarah for all that you do. With much appreciation and gratitude.

Barbara Van Waarden

Barbara Van WaardenI had the privilege to attend Sarah’s cleanse. Sarah makes the transition to a healthier life style as easy and effect as possible by providing all the recipes and shopping lists for the 21 days. In the weekly meetings Sarah talks about the essence of eating healthy, which food to avoid and even goes a step further by addressing the importance of how to improve mental focus and enjoyment.

I personally enjoyed Sarah’s Energy Cleanse very much because the recipes and shopping lists helped me to focus on the transition to a healthier lifestyle without being completely overwhelmed, which was a huge obstacle and reason for me why I never managed to eat healthier until now. I especially felt comfortable with Sarah. She is a very open minded, tactful person and provides the help you need to start a healthier life.

Charlene Ruberry

I found the 21-Day Cleanse workshop very informative and I enjoyed the supportive atmosphere of the group. I appreciated the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists that Sarah provided each week which really helped me in following the cleanse plan.

My take away from the workshop will be to continue to limit sugar, wheat and dairy in my diet and to include more raw food recipes in my food preparation. Now I include a veggie smoothie for lunch, a fruit or two for a snack, and I’m attempting to try a raw food recipe or two each week until I work up a collection of recipes I’m comfortable making and eating.

Thank you for providing me with insight into the raw food approach to eating. I really like your understanding and non militant approach to encouraging a raw food diet.

Roxanne Charron

The cleanse was excellent. Despite eating lots of candies and sodas prior to cleansing, I did not have any withdrawal symptoms when I started the cleanse. I enjoyed each coaching session, which was just the right motivation I needed to keep me going.

I gained more energy and felt less sleepy in mid afternoon. Overall, I lost 6 pounds and I will keep on eating healthy foods! Sarah was readily available over email between sessions. This cleanse gave me inspiration to eat more vegetables. I really liked it and recommend it to all.

Shelley Bourgeois

Sarah, Thank you for sharing your knowledge about food for the body and spirit. It’s been a wonderful experience for my whole family and I will continue to practise what I’ve learned these past 21 days. Thanks again.

Gisele Crone

The cleanse was for me the beginning of a spring, summer and fall full of fresh fruit and veggies (a fresh start). You and your mother have been an inspiration from the first class I took. It's nice to see you work so closely together. All the best to you both and keep up the good work. Thank you to you and your mother. 

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Here is what my lovely clients have to say about my classes:


“Sarah is so knowledgeable yet not dogmatic about raw nutrition and I like it. I learned a lot about fermentation, sprouting, and making my own wheatgrass and sunflower greens. The class was fun and relaxed as all her classes are. I always meet interesting people there and yesterday was no exception. Sarah is a real gem in the small world of rawfoodism.” ~Isabelle, 54


I took part of your green smoothie evening at Rainbow last thursday and I have been meaning to email you to say how wonderful the session was and what a lovely woman you are – your voice was soothing, you are passionate about raw foods, and you are very pleasant with other people!!! ” ~Yvonne, 42


Thank you again for being there and being you, so generous with your smile, your food, your tips, and your time. You don’t know the impact you’re having on me; I’m a passionate and emotional person especially around subjects like veganism and compassion for animals, and you’re definitely helping me to keep my mind open to the necessity to be gentle, non confrontative, and respectful. ~Isabelle, 54


Many thanks Sarah for today and in advance for the many more inspiring workshops I am planning on attending.” ~ Caroline, 45


“Thanks for a great class – I learned a lot and can’t wait to try the recipes out myself!” ~ Edith, 34


“Sarah is so pleasant, gentle, informative and fun to be with, most importantly, everything she prepared was exceptional and I left with a tummy full of such contentment, determined to start cooking RAW!” ~Brian, 45

“You make eating more raw so simple and easy. Your suggestions have been incredibly easy to implement. I now start every day with a green smoothie! Thank you for your invaluable help.” ~Nat, 28


“Sarah and her lovely assistant were both quite generous with their time and knowledge, and the smoothie samples were delicious. I am very glad I went.” ~Hans, 38


“I feel absolutely wonderful and energetic!  Thank you for putting me on the path of a better quality of life.” ~Ruth, 65


“My husband and I are really enjoying your recipes and the raw food theme! We have had smoothies almost every single day since your seminar in mid-January. He craves these drinks as much as I do. We feel great and I have actually lost 5 lbs to-date! Thanks again for your very informative seminars, your amazing and delicious recipes, and of course, inspiring me to make positive changes in my life.” ~Denise, 38


“Thanks very much for a very interesting and fun class.  I really enjoyed and learned so much.” ~Maria, 40


“It was lovely meeting you yesterday. Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I’m  enthusiastic about the raw foods diet – everything is so delicious and easy to prepare!” ~Dijana, 50