One-On-One Health Coaching


I specialize in supporting clients to add more plant foods to their diets with ease. 

I work with women who want to eat more plant-foods, or those going gluten-free or those with digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis. Why?

Because I too have been diagnosed with all of these conditions and I believe we teach best what we know!

My coaching goes far beyond just raw food. I incorporate many different dietary styles, so we find what works best for you. 

Most people jump from one diet to the next without any sense of what is going wrong. My health coaching deals with food but also much more for lasting success.

Why pay for health coaching when I can just do it myself?

Good question! Lots of people peruse this page, toy with the notion of investing with 1:1 coaching and then think, “Nah, I can do it myself. It’s too expensive.” In fact, many people think they can make these changes on their own.


The simple fact is that a coach (as documented by multiple scientific studies) can ignite your path to radiant health.

It’s like lighting a little match under your bum to get you moving but not just once at New Years or – twice – in time for summer, it’s in a sustained fashion over a matter of time until you’ve built in some long-term habits.


IMG_3180How much would you spend to feel fantastic?

  • To have energy in every step you take, to run into people on the street and be happy to talk to them?
  • To feel beautiful and desirable?
  • To feel like you’re caring for your body in every way that you can?
  • To have more concentration at work, or to even be able to concentrate on that book you’re trying to read at night (when usually you doze off after one page)?
  • How much would you pay to feel like a new person?
  • How much more productive would you be in every corner of your life with this simple investment?

I’ve been coaching for some time now and, I’ve realized – again and again – that your investment in health coaching is paramount to your success.

In fact, clients who get health coaching for free almost always have poor results. Why? We simply value what we invest in.

Your investment is part of your commitment to yourself.


Without a doubt, feeling like a new person is well within your reach, but doing so on your own might take 10 times, 20 times, or 30 times as long (if ever) than if you just invested in a few months of health coaching.

farmer's marketThe most successful and effective people invest in coaching because it works.


A coach can keep you on track; a coach can really look deeper at why you’re falling short in some ways and not others.

A good coach gets right under the hood to see why you’re not making the changes you need too. I’m simply a catalyst for changes you’ve wanted to make for months or years.

If you’re ready today to invest in coaching, contact me now. I’ve got 3 spaces opening on mid-October and we just might work well together. 


IMG_5795What is included?

I begin each coaching package with a complete lifestyle audit, discussion about your relationship with food, your past food habits and your goals for the future to ensure that each session is tailored to your particular needs.

This is not a quick fix!

We’ll completely overhaul your relationship to food so that healthy long-term habits will form.

Your health, vitality and well being will skyrocket in a short amount of time. You will feel confident and capable of taking charge of your health.


Where is it held?

I offer sessions on Skype or the phone. Calls are recorded so you can refer back to them again and again.



Each month consists of four 50 minute coaching sessions, plus unlimited email support between sessions (taxes included in prices). I recommend 3 months of health coaching for optimal results, some opt for less and some even longer.

  • One month package of private Skype or telephone coaching (4 weekly 50 min calls plus unlimited email support): $297 CAD dollars (tax included).


pea sproutsJust want to talk to me once?

Sometimes, one power session is what you need to get back on track. 
During this power session we’ll look at the foods you’re eating, your lifestyle habits and the goals you wish to achieve.

You’ll walk away with 4-5 actionable steps you can take to enhance your health immediately.

As well, I’ll give you some recipes to wet your whistle.


If we decide to continue working together, I will apply the cost of this session to your first month of coaching.
  • One 90 min call with 3 email follow-ups (includes 2-3 hours of preparation): $147 CAD dollars 


Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds on my coaching packages due to the limited number of spaces.


Here’s to wishing YOU the best health!

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Sarah xo